Canvas Prints

Toni Thornton Art offers a wide variety of modern artwork and designing services custom to the needs of each client, among which are a unique selection of Giclee Canvas art prints. Whilst you may feel some trepidation at the prospect of a slightly unconventional approach to art for retail and personal use, rest assured that Giclee Canvas Art Prints from Toni Thornton represent a high-quality solution for a myriad of needs. Canvas prints are the ideal choice of art for retail as well as for personal use, and a limited edition giclee print by Toni Thornton presents an opportunity for any art collector or retail business to invest in a quality, aesthetic defining centre piece.

What is Canvas Art Print?

A canvas art print is distinct from a canvas painting, as it is an image printed directly onto a canvas, which is then stretched onto its frame. Through ingenious usage of modern techniques, Canvas art prints can blend seamlessly with painted work, as the canvas background and sleek finish present a distinct painted style.  Modern gallery wrapped edges on the canvas further enhance the overall effect, creating beautiful art that can stand next to any work and shine.

The printed nature of the Canvas lends itself to affordability as size scales up, making it ideal for retail as cost-effectiveness is something that retail businesses are sure to enjoy. Additionally, due to the innate strength and durability of the Canvas material, Canvas prints by Toni Thornton are sure to outlast paper-based simulacrums. This ability to weather the effects of time and the environment is sure to be attractive to both private art collectors and retailers, as art for retail must be sturdy.

Canvas Art Print

Should they be framed or hung up as they are?

Canvas Art Prints can be displayed in a variety of ways and  as with all Toni Thornton Art, the creation can be customised to best suit the needs of the client.  For a minimalist, sleek look an unframed Canvas Print can be the perfect choice to tie a rooms décor together, blending in and highlighting its surroundings without being too forceful and dominating the space. This is an excellent way to display a canvas if using the art for retail, as it can accentuate the products around it without detracting or distracting from the retail experience.

Each Toni Thornton stretched canvas print comes in 38mm/19mm knotless pine canvas stretching frames, milled with a curved profile, preventing unsightly impression marks or surface cracking. Each canvas stretching frame is crafted in a way to help resist warping and for larger size canvas frames, where necessary, wooden ‘wedges’ are also provided in each corner, ensuring the surface stays taut and to allow for easy re-stretching in future years.

Alternatively, you can frame the Canvas prints if that is your preference for the décor of the space it inhabits, as framed Canvas Prints can fulfil many roles depending on the frame chosen. A frame which stands out from the surroundings can portray the art in a bold and brash manner, highlighting the print and drawing the wandering eye. This can be an excellent way to utilise Canvas Prints to establish an aesthetic, as a quality piece of artwork from Toni Thornton can do the heavy lifting when it comes to establishing the right atmosphere in a retail environment.  Another way to use Toni Thornton art for retail purposes is utilising a more subtle frame, one that draws attention but still in a manner that allows the room to breathe, contributing to the retail experience without dominating it.

Through the artful usage of frames, a Canvas Print from Toni Thornton can be customised to suit any client’s needs. Every one of Toni Thornton’s Fine Art prints is available to be hand finished by one of the UK’s most experienced canvas framing teams to your exact specifications.

Will Canvas Prints fade over time?

Canvas Prints will fade over time like any artwork exposed to the elements, though the time frame over which this process occurs can be greatly curtailed. This is sure to be of interest for retailers as art for retail is a business investment, so you want to be sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

The first key factor in how long a Canvas Print will last pertains to the quality of the ink used, in this regard Toni Thornton art shines, as all our fine art canvas prints are produced using a 12 colour Giclee fine art printing process. This professional printing using the highest quality materials ensures that your print embodies an almost perfect replica of the original piece of art and has a greatly extended lifespan.

The pigment based archival inks used in creating our fine art canvas prints are UV stable to ensure that all Toni Thornton artwork retains its aesthetic integrity. It is however always advisable to limit any artwork’s exposure to direct sunlight which can be done by placing it away from the outdoors but also by utilising high quality frames which can limit the exposure to direct sunlight. There are a variety of frames suitable for art for retail that can enhance the lifespan of the art whilst still having a noticeable impact on the mood and shopping experience that the presence of the artwork creates.

Toni Thornton prides herself on possessing the skills, experience and know-how to produce bespoke canvas prints for any imaginable situation, making our art a must have inclusion in any setting. The ability of Toni Thornton to produce original designs to suit the personal tastes of the client is peerless within the field. For personal usage in the home the canvas print can be tailored to fit in perfectly with the surrounding décor, provided the intention be for the artwork to accentuate the space. This can range from bold, creative designs suitable for a kitchen or work study, to mellow and relaxing works ideal for a lounge or bedroom. Alternatively, the canvas print can be a brash statement, standing out from the space and making the room centre around it. This is perfect for high traffic areas where it may be admired by visitors as a high-quality canvas print by Toni Thornton is the perfect conversation piece. No matter the circumstances, be they tied to personal taste or the overall theme of the space, Toni Thornton art is capable of producing high-quality original work to suit your needs.

One of the best uses of canvas prints, however, is in the context of art for retail. Art may seem to the layperson to be unrelated to the idea of a commercial setting outside of an art store, but this is a patently false assumption. Art has a proven impact in retail environments, entirely to the benefit of the business. Art has been demonstrated to make employees happier, as it enriches the workspace which makes for more attentive and happier employees. This impact is magnified in a commercial service setting, making art for retail an excellent morale booster.

Art for retail spaces such as shops where there is likely to be lots of customer footfall can serve the function of drawing people in, as the right art can create an engrossing aesthetic which encourages people to enter and linger, enhancing the possibility of purchasing goods. Unique canvas print art for retail in this sense is therefore perfect for helping a commercial business stand out from the crowd; the right canvas print can be the difference between your store embodying a modern forward-thinking business and falling by the wayside.

Commercial canvas prints can be quickly custom made to serve limited time events such as sales or seasonal events, at a cost that is highly affordable to a commercial setting. Commercial canvas prints can also be easily resized making utilising the full viable space of the store a cinch. With proper care and maintenance, canvas prints can become a permanent fixture in your space, making Toni Thornton artwork an ideal investment for any commercial setting.

Toni Thornton Art’s Canvas Prints are a perfect piece for any individual or commercial enterprise looking for artwork that enhances and modernises their space. With rapid replication of the original work, a myriad of methods for display and with no loss of the high quality that has come to define Toni Thornton art, canvas prints represent possibly the best art for retail available on the market. The marriage of a long-lasting base to the bespoke nature of the art makes for a piece that is easy to acquire and infinitely customisable in use.

Contact us today to find out how Toni Thornton Art can provide a bespoke piece for you exact needs. If you would prefer to discuss via telephone, please contact the studio direct on 01977 809048.