Frequently Asked Questions

Exact sizing and measurements

What is the lead time and cost on website deliveries?

Our current lead time on website orders is approximately 3-4 weeks from payment to delivery. The studio is super busy and while we always try and send orders out sooner, we are working as quickly as we can. You will receive tracking information when your order is shipped, using either your email or telephone number, depending on which one you entered at the cart. Our cushion orders may leave sooner as we don’t need to wait for the framing process for these and we have them in stock in the studio.

Worldwide delivery is included in the prices you see on the website, except where this is stated otherwise and on some individual, larger pieces.

If your delivery address is in the UK, VAT is included. If you live outside of the UK, you may be subject to local rate taxes.

What are the framing options for limited edition prints and original artworks?


For artwork from our limited edition print collection, artwork can be framed in either our classic or tray frame options. The classic frame is similar to a traditional frame, where the canvas is inserted and the frame slightly overlaps the canvas, these frames have a smooth finish. In the classic frame, you can choose from white, deep brown, black, gold and silver. The tray frame options gives the illusion that the artwork is floating, as there is a slight gap between the canvas edge and the frame, these frames have a subtle wooden texture. In the tray frame, you can choose from white, deep brown or black. For a more in-depth look at our framing options, please see our comprehensive guide video below. There is no glass or covering on the canvas on either option.

For original artworks, the options for framing are extensive and can be discussed at the time of commission.


What is the difference between the limited edition prints online and original work?


Each of our prints are limited edition of 100. This means that only 100 of the prints will be created and each buyer will receive a certificate of authenticity. If you would like to incorporate an accent colour into your limited edition print, please feel free to email us at [email protected] and a member of our team will discuss our hand embellishment options with you. All of the frame options for prints can be found online with photographs and descriptions to help.

When discussing original works, this means only one original painting is created in this design. No prints will be created of these original pieces and these can all be viewed online under the ‘Shop Original Paintings’ section. The frames for these paintings have all been selected as we believe they are the best and the most suited frame to each specific piece. Please note that the frames cannot be changed on the original paintings. The prices you see online include the framing for both prints and originals.

When discussing bespoke/commissioned work, this is when you commission a piece to be specifically made to your requirements.

Can you get different sizes to what is available online in the prints and cushion covers?


If you require printed artwork in a specific size, please feel free to email us at [email protected] and a member of our team will do their best to help you. If you have a larger space to fill, you could also consider choosing multiple pieces from our website, or you could choose the same print and turn them in different orientations. This works best with our purely abstract designs.

Are the prints that say ‘sold out’ online going to come back into stock?


Our prints are limited edition, therefore we only ever print 100 of any of our designs. If the website says that the piece is sold out, this means all 100 pieces are now sold and we will not be restocking these designs. There are currently 2 designs which are completely sold out, so to help, we have popped some suggestions below to similar prints if you can’t get hold of the one you initially wanted.

If you wanted Partition, there is a piece which we created called Au, as part of our collaboration with the wonderful Lydia Millen. The Au print can be found on our ‘Lydia Millen Collaboration’ page and this has some similar marks to Partition and similar tones to suit the same kind of spaces as Partition. There are also a few other abstract print options, called Linen or Thread which are on the ‘Abstract print collection’ page and these are mainly monochrome in design but have some beautiful marks within them, suiting similar spaces to Partition.

If you wanted Cosy storm, there is a piece called Jute which has similar colours to those in Cosy storm. This can be found on our ‘Abstract print collection’ page.

We will also be adding further prints and original pieces to the website too over the coming months, sign up to our newsletter on the Journal page to be the first to hear about the new releases.

Can you turn the prints so that you could maybe display 2 together?


This is always a really good idea, especially for larger spaces or perhaps when displaying at the side of the fireplace for example. Rather than putting the same piece at each side, you can turn the second print and this means that the pieces will balance out nicely and work together, but they won’t look identical in the space (unless this is your preference and you could display both the same way!)

Our abstract collection always works really well when displayed as described above. These prints are also designed to work in any orientation, so even if this is portrait on the website, you can turn this landscape and this should still work well for you. Turing the pieces also works with the Floral Collection, but with the Land and Sea Collection, these pieces are best displayed as seen online.

All of our prints are hand signed in the bottom right corner. It is really important to note, if you wish to turn any of the pieces, please send an email to [email protected] with your order number as soon as you have placed your order, to let us know where you would like the piece signing. Or if you would prefer the piece to be signed on the back, please just let us know. Thank you!

Can you help me with choosing a print for my space?


The best way to choose is by looking at the space you are wanting to fill and looking at the colours within this space. Try and look at the balance of colour within the piece, so for example if you only have a small amount of black within your space, maybe choose a print that reflects this balance, rather than choosing one containing lots of black. Or if you have silver accents in the piece, maybe choose a print that reflects the colours in the space and use a silver frame to bring this through into the piece.

When choosing the size, one trick that some clients find really helpful is to cut old lining paper or wrapping paper into the size you are considering, then blue tac this into the space and live with it for a few hours or a day to see how the size feels in your space. This also works when trying to determine the best orientation for your space and it really helps to visualise what your artwork will look like when this is on display.

If you are finding it difficult to choose from our website prints and you would like a bit of advice, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help. Please note, all artworks currently available can be found on our website.