Art for the Wall

Toni Thornton Art specialises in providing high quality bespoke artwork and canvas prints to suit the tastes and desires of our clientele. We help you choose the perfect artwork for the environment it’s intended for, taking into account such aspects as the ambience, aesthetic and personal tastes of the individual. This bespoke approach to providing […]

What is the difference between fine art and commercial art?

To understand the difference between fine art and commercial art, we must first understand why they were created and their purpose. All art inherently is an expression of creativity and imagination, but these qualities are used for different reasons within the fine art and commercial art worlds. Fine art can consist of paintings, sculptures, drawings, […]

How to Choose Art for Your Workplace: A Guide

TEC Lifestyle / Photo by @jopearcephoto Office Art represents much more than just an aesthetically pleasing picture in a room; it can have a significant impact on how employees, visitors, clients and the general public view your business. The art you choose to adorn your office space with is a direct reflection of who you […]

Art for Retail

Operating a retail space means maximising as much revenue and customer satisfaction as possible out of the space you must work with. Even if it doesn’t seem immediately obvious how, bespoke art can help with this goal tremendously. Interior design is crucial when creating a high-quality customer experience. When your customers walk through the door, […]

How has interior design changed over the years?

Interior design is defined as the art and science of enhancing the inside of a building. The aim is to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for people that use the space. It is a pursuit that is thousands of years old, and throughout it has changed dramatically to suit the style of […]

Art for Restaurants

Interior design is a crucial element of a restaurant’s feel. When your customers walk through the front door, they soak in the atmosphere and sense the ambience and from this, they form a crucial first impression that sets the tone and that is integral in determining the memories they take from their dining experience. As […]

What is the difference between abstract art and abstract expressionism?

To understand the differences between abstract art and abstract expressionism, we must first define them. Abstract art is work that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of visual reality and instead utilises colours, forms, shapes and gestural marks to create this effect. Meanwhile, abstract expressionism is a term applied to newer forms of […]

Art for Interior Designers

When chosen intentionally and thoughtfully, art has the power to transform a room in any home completely, allowing the space to communicate its unique personality. It is these distinct characteristics that interior designers seek when working to transform the space into something that is functional, practical and, above all, beautiful. To be useful to interior […]

What is giclee art?

The term ‘giclee’ was first used in the early 1990s by printmaker Jack Duganne to describe fine art digital prints made using an inkjet printer. Pronounced ‘zhee’clay’, it derives from the French verb ‘to spray’, which is how inkjet printers produce the pieces. Shortly before then, at the end of the previous decade, the name […]

Art for Offices

Office art is so much more than an aesthetic choice. When entering its space, there is something about a company’s choice of artwork that is revealing about the brand and the type of enterprise it is. Indeed, the power of artwork is often underestimated. For that reason, when selecting artwork to suit office spaces, this […]

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