Toni Thornton Art x Lydia Millen

The Gold Edit

Lydia Elise Millen is a British YouTuber and blogger with a modern English country home, set in a secluded hamlet on the border of Buckinghamshire. I have followed Lydia’s journey online for years and so when Lydia first asked me to create a series of bespoke pieces for her home, as you can imagine, I was delighted. When Lydia kindly shared my artwork on Instagram, the response was just incredible. So much so, that I proposed the idea of a collaboration project to Lydia and her team and what you see here is the result of our joint love of abstract art and passion for timeless pieces. Lydia and her team are wonderful, no matter how busy, Lydia has taken the time to carefully consider and discuss all aspects of this collaboration, with so much care and attention to detail and we are so proud of what we have created together.

When I first visited Lydia’s home, a sense of calm and beauty flowed through the open space, with classical music faintly playing throughout the grand home and notes of fresh flowers in the air. Lydia and Ali have created such a beautiful and inspiring space, with textures of stone, oak, brass and timeless accents throughout, which became the very foundations for our collection together. Throughout the project, we have discussed our love of rustic, cosy spaces and we both envisaged our collection in a warm nook, lit by a crackling fire. With hidden quotations woven throughout the pieces, inspired by our families and 23 carat gold detailing, this collection has been created with love and luxury at the forefront and we hope that you love the pieces as much as we have loved creating them.