Toni Thornton Art x Style Sisters

The Style Edit

Gemma and Charlotte are a styling duo who specialise in the detox, organising and re-styling of homes and wardrobes. The team combine style with functionality and have over 15 years experience within the fashion and interior industry.

I have followed the Style Sisters online for some time and I love their passion for styling and the attention to detail that they put into their work. Gemma and Charlotte reached out for artwork on a number of high profile projects and naturally, our collaboration began to form. As a team, we found that the duo could use their creativity and knowledge of interiors and I could supply artwork to suit their briefs, bringing all aspects of their beautiful designs together. The Style Sisters aim is to create a tidy, stylish and organised space to free their clients minds and artwork is the perfect addition to allow for those moments of reflection in an organised and beautifully styled space.

Gemma and Charlotte have taken so much time and care to ensure that the artworks and homewares we have designed and created together suit a range of their clients homes and trends and we are incredibly proud of the collection. With style and detail at the heart of this project, we hope you love what we have developed together and we are so excited to share the pieces with you.