Toni Thornton Art’s Essential Guide To Commissioning Beautiful Artwork.

Are you looking to commission a painting and are unsure where to start? Rest assured; we just might have some answers.

As of January 2022, Toni Thornton Art’s commission diary is officially open for bespoke orders and we can’t wait to hear from you. However, we recognise that it’s not always straightforward when deciding the kind of artwork which will best suit your interior space. That’s why we have developed our ultimate how-to guide to commissioning a painting to help you when making these important decisions for your beautiful homes and environments.

If you have any further questions, please send them across to and a member of our team is always happy to help.

Remember, commissioning artwork is supposed to be fun and exciting; that’s why we aim to make the process as stress-free as possible when assisting you in commissioning artwork. We are always here to help, and we can’t wait to see your visions become a reality!



The first step is to feel inspired!
Perhaps you have seen a piece Toni has created previously over on our social media platforms or our website? Do you wish to invest in a similar original piece of artwork? Fantastic!

While Toni cannot create something identical to something she has created previously, we welcome using these ideas as inspiration when creating your piece. This is because each commissioned piece is original and one of a kind, and therefore Toni cannot produce exact copies of any designs, unless from our beautiful, limited edition print range.

Commissioning artwork is an immensely creative process where we welcome your own experiences, emotions, and input to help direct Toni’s artistic talent and techniques. Starting with some inspiration is the key to commissioning your beautiful piece of artwork!

Maybe you have been inspired by a beautiful location you have visited or the serenity of a fleeting moment and would love to turn this into a piece of art to remember it forever? Asking yourself these questions is a great place to start. We recommend creating a vision board of your ideas too; this will give Toni a great deal to work with when creating your piece and will help her understand your vision behind the artwork.



Deciding upon the size of the artwork
Once you have decided on your inspiration, we kindly ask that you think about your interior space and the kind of artwork you wish to view on the wall. What size of artwork can your empty wall space hold? Would you prefer to commission multiple original pieces and hang them side by side?

If you’re struggling, our top piece of advice is to source some wallpaper or newspaper you may have laying around and blue tac this up on the wall where you anticipate you would like your artwork (of course, be careful not to mark your wall).

How does it feel? Does the painting get lost in the empty wall space, or is the painting overpowering for the room? If so, keep adapting the size and shape of the placeholder until it feels just right.



Once we understand the overall tone of your commission and your desired sizing specifications, a member of our team can then calculate a quote individual to you. We will then disclose your quote to you via email or telephone. Please note that until a 50% deposit has been made, for insurance purposes, we cannot reserve spaces in Toni’s commission book.

Your quote for your commissioned artwork will either be exclusive or inclusive of the added stretching and framing costs, depending on whether you know your desired frame style. That being said, we can sometimes provide you with an estimate quote for stretching and framing of the piece too, based on the size of your artwork using our standard framing guide.



Securing Your Commission Space
Here at Toni Thornton Art, we pride ourselves on our strong connections with our clients and our great customer service. That’s why we only require a 50% deposit from you when commissioning a piece so you can have confidence that your commissioned artwork will be tailored exactly to your needs before anything leaves our studio. After all, while Toni is the artist creating your piece, it must be right for your chosen interior space!



The Painting Process Begins
Our busy studio schedule means that as of January 2022, our current lead teams on commissioned artworks is currently approximately 6-8 weeks. This includes the framing and delivery of your piece too. Of course, a member of our dedicated team will update you every step of the way, as Toni builds layer upon layer and your painting begins to take shape.



With bespoke artworks, the options for framing are endless. The many different options can often mean that choosing a frame is quite difficult for bespoke artworks. Therefore, we usually send some frame sample images for you to view amongst the artwork. This means you can see exactly how your chosen frame would work with the artwork, ensuring it is the perfect choice for the design and your interior space. Their extensive choice of frames means we are confident you will find something you love and which complements the artwork amongst their range.

Our quotes for framing do entirely depend on the style of frame you choose and the size of your artwork, all of which can be discussed in more detail at the time of commission!


Once your piece is collected from our trusted framing partner’s studio and delivered back to us, we will then send across the final images for you to view. Once we know you’re happy, this is also where we will request that you settle any outstanding payments before your piece is carefully packaged and prepared for delivery.


Delivery of your Artwork
We understand the value and originality in each piece, and therefore the safety of your artwork is paramount. We are proud to work with a select group of various couriers to deliver your artwork to you as quickly, safely, and efficiently as possible. We would always liaise with you on the best time for delivery and will communicate this to the chosen courier service for your commissioned artwork.

While the shipment of each parcel is included in the price for any clients located in UK destinations, our International customers may incur an additional postage charge alongside any customs charges. This would always be communicated at the time of commission so there are no surprises along the way!



Please note: While the process is similar for hand embellished pieces, it is not identical. If you would like to enquire about our hand embellishment options, please contact us at and a member of our dedicated team will get back to you as soon as possible.

For information on how to secure your space today, please follow this link: Here you will find our ‘Commission Enquiry Form’ where you can fill in your details and email this back to us at Please use ‘Commission enquiry’ as the subject and a member of our dedicated team will get back to you as soon as possible.


I hope you have enjoyed reading and we can’t wait to hear your ideas soon!

Love Meg x