Art for Interior Designers

When chosen intentionally and thoughtfully, art has the power to transform a room in any home completely, allowing the space to communicate its unique personality.

It is these distinct characteristics that interior designers seek when working to transform the space into something that is functional, practical and, above all, beautiful.

To be useful to interior designers, artwork must be pleasing to look at, enriching to contemplate and seamlessly integrate with its surroundings.

It is for this reason that art, particularly abstract and modern pieces, is called on so frequently by interior designers because it brings with it a unique sense of beauty to any environment.


Originality is important when it comes to interior design.

People hire professionals to achieve uniqueness and create a characterful space that they can be proud of. Artwork provides designers with this individualism, sometimes forming a centrepiece that effortlessly ties everything together.

Every piece of Toni Thornton artwork is unique, embodying the essence of originality, with limited edition giclee prints, hand embellishments and bespoke artworks making up the range of options available.

Our full range of abstract prints are available to view on the Toni Thornton Art website.


Interior design is an investment and many clients task designers with seeking out unique, interesting and rare pieces to furnish their space.

Artwork, whether it is a limited edition print or a bespoke creation, is one of the most effective ways of achieving that goal.

Not only will your customer be able to enjoy a one-of-a kind or limited edition piece, but art itself is a worthy financial investment.

The art world operates separately from the stock market, for example, which means your chosen artwork could turn out to be an appreciating asset.

Abstraction in interior design

Abstract art is an ideal choice when creating a modern space.

Its versatility makes it an obvious option for most interior designers because one of the most difficult things to do with a space is define it with an aesthetic that links its different elements.

Abstract paintings, particularly large ones, are great at achieving this.

If the subject of a painting is more interesting than the environment itself, it risks being a distraction rather than enhancing a space.

Important elements within abstract works, such as colour, line, texture and shape, can set an appropriate tone.

Art at the right price

Ideally, every interior designer will commission an artist to create a custom piece for each project they work on.

That way, a piece is tailored perfectly to a space and encourages collaboration between the artist, interior designer and the client to create something truly unique and special.

However, every project has a budget and its size determines whether this is possible.

Toni Thornton Art provides custom art for interior designers and can also supply a limited edition collection of giclee prints consisting of her most coveted artworks. These can be sold as prints or also hand embellished to add in an extra colour of texture to suit the space.

The limited edition prints are produced on 400 gsm fine art canvases, and are available in a wide range of sizes with various framing options to suit all spaces and price points.


Artwork is ideal for helping interior designers working within a strict budget.

However, the size of piece/s they require can vary drastically between projects, which is why using giclee prints or requesting bespoke artwork can work well.

Toni Thornton’s range of innovative and eye-catching works are created in a broad range of sizes to suit your client’s space.

Whether you are looking for something large, without overwhelming a space of course, or a smaller set of triptych pieces, we are confident that there is an incredible piece of art within our collection to suit.

Colour scheme

Interior designers often work in both residential and commercial spaces and, despite their differences, each needs to create a certain type of atmosphere.

The use of colour is an extremely important element of the design process, which is where artwork comes into play.

Many interior designers choose to use the 60-30-10 colour rule to create the right balance in a space.

It states that 60 per cent should be allocated to one dominant colour, 30 per cent should be a secondary colour or texture and the remaining 10 per cent should be an accent colour – often embodied in artwork.

How Toni Thornton Art can help

Toni Thornton provides pieces of art for interior designers which utilise a more neutral and subtle approach to colour, instead allowing the abstraction of the pieces to bring the art to life.

Her collection of giclee prints, or bespoke creations, can complement the palette of any space.

Toni has collaborated with several designers and interior specialists to provide the perfect bespoke artwork for various projects and she can create original and contemporary pieces to suit the tastes of your client and add that finishing touch to any room, often drawing everything together.

Artwork is available in a range of sizes with various tray framing options, and each piece is hand-finished by one of the UK’s most experienced canvas framing teams.

If you are an interior designer looking for the perfect artwork, please get in touch today by emailing where one of the Toni Thornton Art team will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.


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