Sustainability Mission Statement

At Toni Thornton Art, we pride ourselves in creating and supplying high-class artwork worldwide whilst taking responsibility for the carbon footprint we produce along the way, ensuring that we do our best to future proof this beautiful planet for the generations to follow. For each of the products we create and offer, sustainability remains one of our most important values; this will continue to be the case for our brand’s lifetime.

Our sustainability ethos applies to many aspects of our business, including the indirect responsibilities we influence in the decisions we make for the business. Whether it be our indirect impact on sustainability through our suppliers, materials, packaging or the emissions created when shipping products, we will not compromise on the cost or time it will take to be a responsible organisation.

Saying ‘sustainability’ is easy, yet being a sustainable or carbon neutral/negative business is not always so simple. We strive to be as transparent as possible on our sustainability mission to help other businesses, suppliers, and customers on their own journey. We do not intend to use our sustainability mission statement as a marketing tool, but to share an insight into our ethos for our environmentally conscious customers.

Offsetting Our Carbon Footprint

We have found a variety of resources to help us calculate, track, and offset the ‘reduced’ carbon footprint we will ultimately create. We have partnered with Ecologi to help us achieve our sustainability goals and publish our impact:

On top of our monthly subscription to offset our emissions, we have also committed to planting an additional five trees for every limited edition print purchased through the website. We hope this helps our customers feel part of our journey! An investment in a piece of Toni Thornton Art is also an investment in the planet!

We are very proud of our partnership with Ecologi, and the climate profile we are creating with them. We are excited to achieve our sustainability goals and create a climate positive workforce. Starting from 2022 and each calendar year thereafter we will become carbon neutral by investing back into the organisation to fully offset our footprint.

The key areas in which we manage & reduce our carbon footprint

Currently, our annual recycled waste is at least 4.5 times greater than our general waste. We hope to increase this percentage organically as more of our supply chains switch to recyclable packaging. Wherever possible we will make the most sustainable choices for purchases.

All of the packaging for our limited edition prints is fully recyclable and can be disposed of as recycling as per UK regulations. We also make a conscious effort to repurpose any waste packaging we can throughout the business.

We aim to use a vegan acrylic paint alternative wherever possible, and that which we can’t reduce we offset in our collaboration with the Ecologi project.

Due to the number of variations we offer for our limited edition prints (size/frame colours/depths) we do not hold everything in stock, allowing us to maintain a zero-waste inventory. Each of our limited edition prints is made to order. Yes, this can result in a slightly longer lead time (currently 3-4 weeks from the purchase date to delivery), however, we believe this is a small price to pay to support climate positive procedures. We also believe that in the current ‘fast-paced – throw away’ society there is truth in the saying: “You usually have to wait for that which is worth waiting for.”

Donate to our Ecologi forest and plant your own tree today!

With the help of Ecologi, Toni Thornton Art are committed to reducing, offsetting and publishing our impact through supporting climate projects across the globe. We also encourage others to do the same by donating to our Ecologi forest; Whether it be through planting your own trees or offsetting your personal carbon footprint, we encourage others to make positive choices in the fight against climate change.

For a fee as small as £0.70, you can plant a cluster of five trees to our Ecologi forest which you can track digitally using this link.  See the breakdown below for more details of what to donate to make a difference!


Purchasing – We use various suppliers to source our materials in order to create our products. We have ensured that the companies we use to source our materials are either carbon neutral themselves, or environmentally conscious at a level where they have an active plan to reduce their carbon trajectory in line with the CN by 2050 target. Similarly, we work on a weekly order schedule rather than ordering materials from our suppliers as and when needed. This procedure involves planning ahead but helps us reduce our delivery emissions and allows us to track and project our annual footprint.

Outbound shipping/couriers – The accessibility of the world wide web and our social media platforms means our customers are based in many countries across the world. Because of this, we feel incredibly privileged as our pieces are despatched worldwide. To facilitate our geographically diverse customer base, we use a variety of companies and courier services for deliveries. We pledge to act responsibly in both the long and short term by ensuring each of the courier services we use make environmentally conscious decisions.

Research and continuous development

Prior to streamlining our sustainability procedures, we have invested time and energy into attending online sustainability webinars. This has helped us gain an understanding of where we are currently as a business and how we can improve our sustainability measures. We feel doing so will not only sustainably futureproof our business, but most importantly, have as little impact on the environment as possible.

In a world where there is now a scientific consensus that anthropogenic climate change is happening and following on from the latest UN Climate Change Conference (Cop26-2021), we too believe that a change to how companies operate is inevitable and is something which we would welcome. Until this is mandatory, we will continue to assess our business internally and do whatever we can to be a small but positive cog in the fight against climate change, preserving this beautiful planet we are so lucky to inhabit for future generations.

Businesses that share our values and ethos

We hope that in creating our sustainability statement and sharing our long-term plans to lower our carbon emissions, we can help other businesses on their own journey. We welcome any recommendations for organisations that other businesses or individuals have found helpful, and we encourage you to explore the resources we have shared with you.

We believe that pursuing the fight against climate change towards a more sustainable future is something to be celebrated. That’s why we have listed below links to numerous other businesses who share a similar sustainability ethos to ourselves which we encourage you to view. If you know any other businesses who have implemented similar strategies or share a similar sustainability ethos to ourselves, please feel free to get in touch, we would love to hear from you!