Toni Thornton Art

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We’re so proud to be named ‘Most Distinctive Abstract Artist – Yorkshire’ at the Northern Enterprise Awards 2022, hosted by SME News.


I launched Toni Thornton Art in 2017 after studying Art through Leeds Arts University and the University of Huddersfield and I am also a qualified teacher of Art and Textiles at Secondary level. In a world of ever-growing social media interaction and home accounts, Instagram quickly became the perfect platform to showcase my designs. I was initially asked to create a series of bespoke pieces for a new home project and since then I have been privileged enough to produce Artwork for home and interior spaces and projects all over the world; including here in England, America, Amsterdam, Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain and more. I am so excited to continue growing collectors all over the world.


A passionate explorer of textures and surfaces, I find the muse for my paintings in various elements — from the space where they will be displayed to the unnoticed details within a room, like the intricate knots in a wooden staircase or the soft light filtering through linen curtains. Drawing from the innate patterns in architecture and the serene beauty of rural landscapes, every artwork is conceived to harmonize with and elevate its destined space.

Each piece at stands as a testament to this inspiration, offering a rich tapestry of abstract layers and unique compositions rooted in mark making and textile patterns. Immerse yourself in a world where each viewer finds a personal connection, seeing a unique story in the depths of abstraction designed to bring elegance, interest, and a touch of drama to any space.