Art for Offices

Office art is so much more than an aesthetic choice.

When entering its space, there is something about a company’s choice of artwork that is revealing about the brand and the type of enterprise it is.

Indeed, the power of artwork is often underestimated.

For that reason, when selecting artwork to suit office spaces, this is not solely about making the space simply look nicer.

How can fine art benefit your office?

Boosts productivity and happiness

Research by the British Council for Offices in the UK suggested that 61 per cent of workers believe artwork inspires them to think and work more creatively.

This is just one of the many studies that has revealed the impact on employees of working in an environment that both feels and looks creative.

It encourages them to be happier, healthier and more productive.

With this in mind, the right choice of office art can improve the mental wellbeing of those based there and others that visit.

Create the right first impression

First impressions can make or break a business relationship, and a positive one can create a lasting impact on prospective clients.

Choosing appropriate artwork for your office space is important, requiring you to ponder imagery and what you would like to project or portray about your business.

Artwork, especially if it is both thought-provoking and eye-catching, will always be noticed.

The pieces of art that you choose represents more than something amazing to look at every day; it will contribute to creating the best first impression of your business to those that enter.

Create the right atmosphere

Art can transform the atmosphere of a space, encouraging employees to feel positive, creative and energised while in a better state of mind.

Nobody wants to be greeted by plain, bland walls every morning which is why creating a mood with artwork that reflects your personality – or the values of your business – is important.

Opting for modern art that suits the look and feel of a space exudes elegance, and demonstrates that yours is a modern, forward-thinking company that appreciates how even the smaller details of a workplace help set the appropriate tone.


When potential customers or visitors sit waiting to attend a meeting or move to another part of your office, you’ll want them to feel at ease.

Abstract art, in particular, is seen as comforting because of its unique use of colour, shape and form.

It draws the viewer in and, for a few minutes, permits you to relax and focus on what is in front of you.

Art that evokes such emotions is ideal in office spaces, contributing to a work environment that is a combination of both serene, yet productive.

Art is an investment

Investing in an appreciating asset, such as an original and bespoke piece of artwork, can be beneficial from a financial point of view.

Its value can increase unaffected by outside forces, such as the stock market for example, and so is a worthy diversification for a personal or commercial investment portfolio.

Artwork reflective of your company

Art is always personal, which is why choosing a piece that reflects who you are as a company is so important.

It demonstrates your company values, character, style and overall brand, which is why modern art is so effective in commercial settings.

It shows the world that you are a cutting edge company that embraces new, unique and exciting ideas.

Carefully-curated pieces such as these can be particularly effective in reception areas, boardrooms or office spaces where they demonstrate and reinforce your core ethos.

That means considering the colours, design and concept of a piece to make sure it embodies everything your company represents.

Art for Offices by Toni Thornton Art

Bespoke artwork by Toni Thornton can be tailored to perfectly and accurately reflect who you are as a company and what you stand for.

Toni creates original, eye-catching and contemporary pieces that make yours an office space everybody is proud to work in.

If you are looking to invest in modern art for offices, and would like a quote for bespoke artwork or a giclee print from our collection, please get in touch today by emailing remembering to include your company’s name.

We are flexible, and a range of commercial print options are available to suit larger or multiple interior spaces.

If you would like more assistance, or want to discuss ideas for your office in detail, then please contact the studio directly on 01977 809048.


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