George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations Feature

Recently, Toni Thornton Art has been lucky enough to be featured in the beautiful restoration project of a Victorian derelict police building right here in the heart of West Yorkshire (not far from where we are based!).  The project, which was showcased as part of George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations, saw businesswoman Rachel Roberts transform the old police station and cells into a stunning two-bedroom home, brought to life with the help of Toni Thornton Art.

Built in 1853, the original building had some distinct period features which both Rachel and George decided to restore in the final plans for the home. The finished project featured numerous of our abstract print collection, adapting each print to suit the different spaces within the home whilst enhancing some of these period features which Rachel decided to keep. Rachel noted that “I connected so much with Toni’s work. I have always loved abstract art, where people can interpret the pieces in their own ways. The colours she uses were the perfect tones to compliment the way I had designed and decorated the house”.

The first room to feature a total of three of our beautiful, limited edition print collection was the main living room. Converted from its original function of police station office and check-in desk, the living room area incorporates many different beautiful textures and tones of cream, beige, mocha and taupe. Above the sofa, limited edition prints ‘Thread’ and ‘Linen’ are paired together as a duo, integrating classic monochrome tones to the warm and homely space. The pieces work so well together and provide an element of style and sophistication whilst working alongside the period style of the wooden floors and fireplace. Similarly, on the feature wall above the fireplace, a bespoke size ‘Cosy Storm’ abstract print hangs proudly, accentuating the existing autumnal tones within the space. The highly textured piece draws attention to the crackling fire below, beautifully mimicking the dramatic movement of the fire.

Unfortunately, as this piece is limited edition, as we only ever sell 100 of each limited-edition piece, ‘Cosy Storm’ has now sold out and is no longer available to purchase. That being said, please keep your eyes peeled on our website as we plan to release a new abstract print in a similar style with dramatic marks and textures just like ‘Cosy Storm’ in the coming months.

Originally reserved for the resident sergeant, upstairs, the master bedroom is a large space with vast feature walls calling for added depth and texture. In order to tie the room together and transform the space to feel even more cosy and warm, two more of our limited-edition abstract prints were incorporated into the beautiful space. The muted beige and taupe tones of ‘Jute’ and ‘Cosy Storm’ used in the master bedroom sprinkle the perfect about of drama to the room; the deeper grey and beige tones within each of the abstract prints combine beautifully with the rustic wooden floors, the original dark fireplace, and the newly exposed wooden beams. With the help of Toni Thornton Art, the master bedroom retains its historical integrity meanwhile adding a glimmer of elegance and sophistication to the historical aspects of the room.

Similarly, our ‘Neve’ abstract print was proudly featured in the second bedroom of the restored police station. The piece, which combines tones of white, grey, beige, stone and soft taupe helps bring the room to life, adding subtle elements of muted colour. The piece reflects the calming and serene atmosphere that Rachel and George established within the space, mirroring the tranquillity of the room perfectly.

We are so lucky to have been featured in such a beautiful project and we cannot thank Rachel Roberts and the team at George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations enough for incorporating Toni Thornton Art into such a wonderful restoration project! Rachel noted that “The artworks are always a talking point, with many of our guests viewing the artworks in different ways. I get huge compliments on each piece when guests come to visit!” The project has truly shown how versatile Toni’s artwork is, offering the ability to build a collection of artwork to suit the different spaces within the same home, each of them working together to create a different atmosphere as you navigate through the space.


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