How abstract art can add drama and interest to any room

Abstract art can be the perfect addition to any space calling for a subtle hint of drama and spectacle. The deep and dramatic tones incorporated within many of the artworks in the Toni Thornton Art limited-edition abstract print collection can add that perfect layer of interest and depth to any space. This blog is designed to help you in choosing which artworks from our various collections will suit the right spaces in your home.



First up, we have our stunning ‘Midnight Sky’ abstract print from Toni’s recent collaboration project with the Style Sisters. The collection, entitled ‘The Style Edit’, is not only an extremely exciting project but also features three beautifully dramatic prints that would add interest to any wall space.  ‘Midnight Sky’ is the perfect addition to any space demanding a subtle hint of deep colour. The piece has elements of midnight blue amongst the dreamy tones of grey and black upon its off-white background. The brushstrokes effortlessly sweep across the artwork, gently creating the notion of movement. This artwork is a great piece for any space, but particularly one calling for an abstract piece with subtle hints of midnight blue to tie the room together.



Similarly, following the success of one of Toni’s previous designs, Cosy Storm, which sold out of all 100 in the edition, she wanted to create something with similar textures for those customers who missed out. Our beautiful new abstract print ‘Stormy Mist’ is quite similar; however, the piece is unique in its own right. The intense black marks and use of layering within the piece make this the perfect addition to any space requiring an element of abstract drama. This dramatic effect is created through the artworks energetic feathered marks combined with the overall cooler tones of the white, pale beige, stone and grey. This piece is extremely versatile and would work well in a variety of spaces, perhaps in a wall recess to add a subtle glimmer of drama, or even as the spotlight piece of a feature wall to be the focal point of the room.


Tempest piece on display above shelf


‘Tempest’, is one of our deeply intense abstract artworks and one of our bestsellers, its highly textured base creating the backdrop to a dramatic feature piece. The piece combines a dramatic darker base with sharp white marks, as warm tones of burgundy and taupe are then built up throughout the piece. Tempest is both elegant and dramatic, each brushstroke layering the intensity of the piece meanwhile recreating a vision of calming waves or moody waters. The delicate layers within this artwork are beautifully contrasted by the sharp and rich white tones. Tempest speaks for itself, the beautifully intense colours and brushstrokes combining to create a dramatic backdrop to any space calling for a hint of colour or spectacle. This piece would work particularly well as part of a feature wall, keeping surrounding patterns and textures to a minimum, therefore allowing the artwork to harness its power within the chosen space.



As part of our larger print collection, ‘Forest Rain’ is a great addition to any space in need of a large feature piece, adding interest and depth to any wall space. The highly textured design builds tones of white, sand, taupe and charcoal black to create a powerful feeling of movement across the canvas. With so many intense details, it is impossible not to get lost in the layers of this piece. The dramatic marks in this piece overlap and interlink, establishing a sense of spectacle and expressing a feeling of excitement. The piece is well suited to a large room in need of a feature piece to add an extra dimension of drama and interest. That being said, in light of the artworks’ neutral palette, the piece has been known to work well alongside other prints in our abstract print collection too.

One of my favourite options in adding drama to any space is by pairing up both our portrait pieces from the stunning Land and Sea collection. The first piece, entitled ‘Mighty Waters’ combines warm tones of beige, stone and pale grey anchored with the dramatic black and charcoal tones. The sheer depth within this piece transports you to the scene, each deep mark mimicking the rocky open waters and mighty seas of the landscape. The piece works beautifully on its own as a feature piece, however, when paired with ‘Hazy Ravine’, our second portrait print from the Land and Sea collection, the artworks can transform any space by adding an extra layer of depth and texture.

Not only does Hazy Ravine depict a deep, dramatic mountain ravine on a hazy day, but the colours and tones used within the piece reflect a similar vastness to be contemplated. Similar to Mighty Waters, Hazy Ravine’s base of beige stone and pale grey combine with the expressive charcoal marks to establish an enigmatic scene. Together, the artworks’ neutral palette combined with the dramatic marks tells a breath-taking story of spectacle whilst creating the perfect space for quiet contemplation.

While the pieces featured within this blog are my personal favourites in terms of adding drama and spectacle to a room, many pieces within the various Toni Thornton Art collections would have the same effect when used in the right space! It’s all about telling your own story and listening to the type of artwork your space is calling for. If you have any questions regarding if a certain print may work in your space, please feel free to email Meg at with your wall dimensions and a few pointers on the tones and textures within your room and I will always do my best to help you in terms of choosing the right artwork and frame for your space!


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