Should I have art in my dining room?

The dining room is where you spend time as a family, entertain friends and host guests, and arguably the perfect space to display artwork. It is one of the more public rooms of your home that is seen by so many making it one of the most suitable places for you to exhibit your style and taste. Your artwork can be a reflection of you whilst complimenting your space and being an interesting conversational piece.

We believe any space in the home can benefit from artwork and the dining room is no different. As such, in this article, we will be exploring what you should look for when browsing for art for your dining room, where it should be displayed, and the benefits.

What should I be looking for?

As with any artwork, the most important thing to look for is something you like. Although it will be displayed in an area of the home that is open to friends, family, and guests, it is still your home. It, therefore, should above all reflect your tastes and personality.

In terms of looking for the right piece for your space, you should be keeping an eye out for artwork that compliments your defined theme and décor. Large focal art pieces can look great in dining rooms to open up your space, but equally, a group of smaller pieces displayed together can work just as well. It is important that the pieces don’t consume your space but instead help to accentuate and bring balance to your dining room. Larger abstract paintings are particularly effective in dining rooms if you have a more contemporary décor or a more traditional setup. The varied nature and intent behind abstract pieces mean they are very versatile and can work in a wide range of spaces. They are also great conversation starters, allowing people to discuss their thoughts more openly and comfortably.

Where should I display it in my Dining Room?

Every dining room is different, but with a keen eye, you will be able to identify ideal spaces to fill. You will want to choose artwork that is in scale with the room it hangs in, which means larger pieces of art in larger areas such as over mantles or sideboards and smaller pieces in smaller spaces. Many homeowners choose to centre their artwork over their dining room table by positioning the bottom of the canvas between 5 to 8 inches above the top of the table.

As a general rule, you should try to position your artwork in a space that does not receive any direct sunlight. Over time the sun will cause your artwork to fade and discolour, often unevenly if the sun only hits specific areas of the piece. If, however, your dining room receives a lot of sunlight in the area where you are looking to place your art, there are solutions. You can invest in UV film for your windows or have the artwork framed using conservation glass.

It is important to remember that artwork doesn’t have to encompass your dining room to be a memorable part of your space. The most effective works of art simply act as a beautiful and interesting feature that accentuates the surrounding colour, theme, and furniture in your dining room.

What are the benefits?


Artwork can help to add a unique layer of depth and texture to your dining room, transforming it into a space you are happy to spend time in. Whatever feelings and mood you are looking to evoke in the space, the right artwork can help you achieve this. Abstract artwork is effective in creating a sense of calm and relaxation, allowing guests to become immersed in each brushstroke and the depth of colour.

Focal Point

Any interior designer will tell you that each room requires a focal point, and in your dining room, this can be a stunning work of art. The artwork tells the story of you and your home, which is precisely what you will want your guests, family, and friends to experience when visiting. Whether you are looking to have one main larger piece of artwork or a triptych effect in your dining room, artwork helps draw the eye to the most beautiful point in the room.

Accentuate Your Space

A gorgeous piece of art is the perfect addition that can tie any room together with its inspiring colours and tones. These elements help compliment the base colour theme and accents, balancing the design of your dining room. Choosing a piece that has dramatic movement and striking shades throughout that can also be seen within your space will work best to bring out the best of your dining room.

Find the perfect artwork for your Dining Room!

Toni Thornton Art offers a wide variety of bespoke and original artwork, as well as a collection of limited edition giclée prints that can compliment any dining room. Whether you have a more contemporary space or a more traditional aesthetic, Toni has worked with many clients to provide the perfect bespoke artwork for their home.

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