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Hazy Ravine

This piece is inspired by a deep mountain ravine on a hazy day. Created using a neutral palette of beige, stone and pale grey, with black and charcoal tones, the depth within the piece really does suggest a vastness to be contemplated. There are so many layers within the painting, with expressive marks tumbling down into the depths of the ravine, juxtaposed against a calmness in the distance. The viewpoint allows time to sooth and provides the perfect space for quiet contemplation, looking ahead into the distance.

Please note: All canvas prints will be signed in the bottom right of the painting, as seen here on screen. If you wish to display your artwork in a different orientation to what you see here, or you would prefer this to be signed/numbered on the back, please email with any specific requirements as soon as you place your order and we can update this for you.


400 gsm Canvas print of acrylic abstract artwork

Stretched with standard stretcher bar. Image wrapped around the canvas edges

Frame options

Artwork can be framed in either 19mm or 38mm frames. The 'mm' measurement refers to the depth that the frame stands from the wall. The 19mm frame is similar to a traditional open photo frame, where the canvas is inserted and the frame slightly overlaps the canvas. The 38mm frame is a tray frame, which has a slight gap between the edge of the stretched canvas and the frame. There is no glass or Perspex covering the canvas on either option. 

In 19mm the colour options are white, deep brown, black, gold and silver. In 38mm the colour options are white, deep brown and black. 

Please see the gallery of photographs under each print to help you to select your preferred frame option. 

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