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The Gold Edit / LXXIX

This pairing of prints combines a classic monochrome palette, with soft stone textures. These prints can be displayed in together in any composition, or separately if you wish. Within the prints, the abstract lettering marks don’t actually read as words, so that the viewer can interpret these marks in any way they find. The layers within the piece imply forgotten love letters and fond memories, reminiscent of romantic nostalgia. Within this set is also a softer piece, open to interpretation. The subtle brush strokes within the piece could appear as a cloudy sky, with the upward strokes, which almost look like contrails, leading to the moon; a nod to the popular quote often found within love letters ‘love you to the moon and back.’

Please note: These pieces will be signed and numbered with their edition number on the bottom right of the snow white surrounding mount.


Print on textured cold press watercolour paper / Limited edition of 100 sets

Dimensions; Aperture size 5x7” (HxW) per frame/ Outer frame size 8x10.5” (HxW)
Mounted with a 100mm snow white edge, in a traditional gold finish photo frame, complete with mounting hook, ready to display.

Please see the gallery of photographs under each print for the details and for more close-up photos and images of the piece in situ, you can also refer to our Instagram.

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