Art for Restaurants

Interior design is a crucial element of a restaurant’s feel. When your customers walk through the front door, they soak in the atmosphere and sense the ambience and from this, they form a crucial first impression that sets the tone and that is integral in determining the memories they take from their dining experience. As the saying goes, you only get one opportunity to make a first impression once and it is vital that you get this right.

Whether you are looking to create a fun, lively experience or a relaxing vibe, artwork can contribute. The right pieces, strategically placed, can transform a bland, featureless building into a reflection of your attitude and personality. In turn, this enhances the relationship between you and your customers without any words actually being exchanged. Art, especially eye-catching artwork, is always going to be noticed. It has a way of stimulating the senses, making it irresistible to look at.

If you are struggling to make your vision a reality or to express the values you feel represent you, then bespoke restaurant art can be part of the solution. Whenever planning interior design for a restaurant, Art is an important element to consider, diners have no choice but to engage with it, contributing to that lasting impression we mentioned above. The benefits from commissioning Toni Thornton to produce art for a restaurant space are numerous, and not only for your customers.

  • It has been proven that artwork helps boost employee mood, energy and creativity.
  • Art breaks up the monotony of regular, everyday life, expressing emotions that are new and exciting.
  • Naturally, this makes the staff happier because they work in a place of aesthetic and beauty.
  • Working in an enriched environment is just one of the many passive benefits that art for restaurants creates.
  • Art can also be used in restaurants to put customers at ease.
  • It can soothe pressure in the minds of those that walk in, letting them know – consciously or subconsciously – that yours is a place to unwind and enjoy.
  • Even if just for a few minutes, appreciating art can transport you to a place away from the tribulations of modern life to a mental state of curiosity and contemplation.

Art’s ability to evoke such peaceful energy in your customers’ minds, simply by existing nearby, is one of its greatest attributes. There can be a misconception that art is too high brow a pursuit for most types of restaurant to take advantage of, but this simply couldn’t be further from the truth. It fits seamlessly into any dining space, especially when commissioned by Toni Thornton Art.

Good artwork can complement your room and create the desired atmosphere. For example, a modern restaurant may benefit from modern art which shows elegance and forward-thinking. Meanwhile, a more traditional and rustic eatery may instead benefit from classical fine art that incorporates comforting scenes or evokes traditional ideas. Whether you want to exude elegance in a fine dining situation, create a fun and lively atmosphere for families or a more subtle, intimate experience for couples, then Toni Thornton has a solution.

We understand the restaurant business is challenging, and competition is fierce. You need make the most of any advantage you can gain over your competitors to bring in the crowds. Bespoke artwork in your restaurant space is exactly the feature that helps your business stand out from the rest, increasing the quality of the dining experience and giving customers something to talk about and admire.

Put simply, it can make you stand out from the pack.

High quality pieces retain their value extremely well and can be easily transferred into different properties and situations without losing their intrinsic ability to inspire emotion. This means that on top of all the benefits customers enjoy about bespoke artwork, it can also act as an investment for the future. We take care to note what type of business we are dealing with at Toni Thornton Art, considering your values, character, style and overall brand aesthetic to create artwork that fits seamlessly in its surroundings. In commercial settings such as a restaurant, art can signify everything you stand for, from attitude to quality and pride in your work, which is why we strive so hard to create something that will be sure to impress.

Bespoke restaurant art by Toni Thornton is the attractive addition your restaurant needs to take your diners’ experience up a level.

If what we have discussed here interests you, contact the Toni Thornton Art studio today on 01977 809048 and start a conversation about your ideas, we are always happy to help.


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