How to decorate a cosy and compact space

Any interior designer will tell you that the task of decorating cosy and compact spaces is not without its challenges.

In a room where every square inch matters, it can be all too easy to overwhelm the available space, making it feel cramped and claustrophobic.

However, by using a few innovative decorating tips you can quickly unlock its potential, creating a snug but stylish home.


Bringing a cosy space together with a unique and beautiful statement piece is one of the simplest and most effective ways of decorating it. Artwork helps to instantly open up a room by drawing the gaze upwards, creating a welcoming atmosphere without taking up any floor space.

Toni Thornton Art offers a wide range of original canvas prints and bespoke art that works as the perfect décor for cosy spaces.

Our range of fine art canvas prints includes the ideal complementary piece that can completely transform your space.  For example, Toni Thornton’s Abstract Collection is perfect for creating a cosy ambience with artworks that complement the softer details and furnishings in your space.

For those seeking décor for cosy rooms to create a romantic atmosphere, the coveted Floral Collection from Toni Thornton Art ticks the box. Ideal for an everyday, modern cosy décor feel. it can also contribute to creating a more amorous and intimate setting. This collection offers the perfect gift for Valentine’s day, anniversaries, or any special occasion. Each piece embodies the essence and natural qualities of a unique flower and, in keeping with that theme, is delivered with a drawstring bag of dried rose petals and an affirmation card. These fine art prints are the perfect way to set the mood whilst offering a daily reminder of the beauty, intrigue, and timelessness of your love.

The sought-after collaboration of Toni Thornton Art x Lydia Millen is another stunning collection of work which is the embodiment of cosy luxury. A delicate balance between love and luxury, The Gold Edit is comprised of a range of fine art prints in a variety of sizes, allowing you to find the appropriate one to decorate your cosy space. This collaboration was born from a shared love of rustic, cosy spaces, and endeavoured to be displayed in a warm nook, lit by a crackling fire. These highly textured, simple abstraction pieces are the ideal addition to a compact space; allowing your mind to wander into different realms as you sit cuddled up next to a roaring fire, surrounded by piles of good books and soft furnishings.

Statement Cushions

Living rooms or snugs are areas of the home in which there should be a distinct focus on peace and relaxation. It is often in these spaces where we crash after a long day, cuddling up to read a good book under the shade of a warm lamp or enjoying a hot drink next to a soothing fire. These spaces are also social areas where we gather with family and friends for cosy moments, enjoying one another’s company. Naturally, these multifunctional rooms should be inviting and comfortable places that we look forward to spending time in, qualities which soft textiles are designed to embody.

Cushions are arguably one of the most important additions when decorating a cosy space because they instantly make a room feel more welcoming and comfortable to be in. They are not just comfortable; they are an integral design component. Curating a collection of cushions in your home is an art form, and will completely transform your space into one that is relaxing, cosy and visually appealing.

Toni Thornton Art cushion covers are a statement to tie any space together. Using sections of our abstract and floral print collections, we have curated cushion designs to complement a range of spaces and colour schemes. Each one is delicately printed on a 50x50cm linen/cotton blend fabric, making it the ideal size for a cosy corner chair, snug sofa, or alcove seating. Toni Thornton Art cushions can exist in a space as a statement piece, or be added as part of a range of cosy furnishings, blankets, and cushions. Our designs work to add a unique texture to your cosy space, or can be beautifully paired with the matching fine art canvas too.

Creating a Cosy Atmosphere

Decorating cosy spaces is all about appealing to the senses; what you can see, smell and touch are integral to creating a comforting ambience, conducive to relaxation and improving your overall wellbeing.

There are a range of elements to consider in your compact and cosy space when it comes to décor, starting with the lighting. Stark overhead lighting is counter-intuitive when decorating a cosy space as it detracts from the comfort of the room. Instead, using warm accent lights can help set a softer and more inviting tone. Use the corners of the room to your advantage by placing lamps which draw the viewer’s eye around the space, exploring each unique and welcoming corner.

Furniture is another key consideration when decorating a cosy space because it often takes up the majority of space available. It can be tempting to fill up spaces with a large couch, but it is important to remember to think about how you might actually use the space. To create a more natural and flowing feel to the room, you may want to consider a snugger sofa coupled with a comfy armchair, and perhaps stool seating that you can cluster together. Instinctively, we want to create space by pushing furniture to the corner of the room, but by grouping your seating to face each other you can create a much more functional and intimate setting.

When searching for the perfect décor for cosy spaces, it can be difficult to know where to start but it is important to consider what makes you feel at home. Take time to reflect on what connects you to it, what you value, love and what you would like to surround yourself with on a daily basis. Curating a space that is more than just aesthetics is how we provide depth; allowing you to truly create a home that is not just beautiful but comforting. If you take the time to get it right, you’ll be able to create your very own cosy retreat.

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