How our Abstract Land and Sea collection brings the outdoors in

While we are currently spending more time indoors, it has never been more important to bring the outdoors into our homes. The delicate balance of nature is an ideal cure for busy modern-day life,   embracing the earth’s natural elements is the way forward when it comes to interior design. Nature-embodied artwork and landscapes promote relaxation and can positively impact our wellbeing, with interior architect Dawn Gum claiming that ‘just looking at landscaping has been shown to lower blood pressure.’

The long-awaited Land and Sea collection by artist Toni Thornton embodies all of what nature has to offer with its beauty, depth and mystery. This stunning trio of paintings demonstrates the best of her abstract style, encouraging the viewer to be transported into a tranquil haze, exploring the beauty of nature from the comfort of your home. Thornton draws much of her inspiration from rural and coastal landscapes, wildflowers, and hidden bays which the artist has focused on in this latest collection of abstract works. Inspired by rocky, open waters, pebbled shorelines and hazy mountain ravines, Thornton offers a unique glimpse into nature that can transport the viewer into a moment of pause.

Mighty Waters

The ethereal beauty of these natural spaces is captured within these coastal art works, starting with ‘Mighty Waters’. Drawing on mighty seas, Thornton utilises a delicate combination of neutral beige, stone and pale greys anchored by bold strokes of black and charcoal. The impressive vastness of the turbulent ocean landscape is complimented by the depth and texture of the piece. It is a piece that undoubtedly breathes life into any space, representing the raw power of the sea while offering a calmness in the distance, permitting viewers to reflect and relax when viewing the piece.

Silent Shore

For those looking to bring the tranquillity of the sea into their homes, Thornton’s second instalment in the Land and Sea Collection, ‘Silent Shore’, is the perfect choice. Inspired by delicate, pebbled shorelines where the water gently creeps in through the gaps along the shore, this piece of coastal art embodies the soothing flow of the ocean. The softer colour palette, primarily using white, stone and beige that are anchored to the shoreline with black and charcoal tones, offers a gentler approach to movement. In this piece, the waves softly approach the beach with a sense calm and silence, creating time for inner peace and introspection. It is the ultimate addition to any space that seeks to bring the balance and repose that are embodied by natural landscape art.

Hazy Ravine

Inspired by a deep mountain ravine on a hazy day, the third and final addition in Thornton’s Land and Sea Collection, ‘Hazy Ravine’, truly encapsulates the mixture of coastal and rural landscapes.

Once again, Thornton stays true to her signature style and gorgeous neutral colour palette, combining an array of neutral beige, stone and pale grey tones complimented by black and charcoal tones. The darker marks within this piece create a real depth that suggests the vastness of the physical world, while the use of lighter tones help to balance the piece, demonstrating the delicate equilibrium of nature. The extensive layering within the painting, combined with expressive marks which tumble down into the depths of the ravine, are perfectly juxtaposed by the calm and light seen in the distance. For those looking to create a moment for quiet contemplation bringing the best of nature into their homes, this is the piece of choice.

It has never been more important to surround ourselves with nature by creating relaxing spaces in which to live and balance our homes to improve our wellbeing. Nature-inspired landscape art helps to promote healing, positivity and wellbeing, ideas which are woven within this latest collection from Toni Thornton Art. The Abstract Land and Sea Collection facilitates this merging of environments, allowing artwork to become so much more than merely an aesthetic feature in your home but an element that works to harmonise, reduce stress and improve our daily life.

If you would like to know more about the new Abstract Land and Sea Collection from Toni Thornton Art, feel free to visit our dedicated page to view the collection. Our bespoke order books are currently closed due to the volume of work we have in the studio at present. Any work on our website is still available to order. For all other urgent enquiries please email where our studio assistant Meg will be able to assist you. Thank you.


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