How to display cushions on a sofa

Cushions play a pivotal role when you are looking to breathe new life into a room and are undoubtedly an essential component of accentuating the aesthetics of your space. There is something about the classic beauty of displaying cushions on a sofa that can balance and compliment any space.

That being said, it can be difficult when arranging cushions on a sofa to achieve the right balance between colours and textures and to avoid using too many conflicting patterns. As such, here we will be exploring some tips on how to display your cushions on a sofa to ensure your arrangement, your sofa, and your space look their best. With the right cushions in the right arrangement, you can create a unique piece of artwork on your sofa that acts as a stunning statement piece in any home.

Where to start with displaying cushions on a sofa

Display cushions can seem daunting at first and whilst there are no concrete rules when it comes to arranging cushions on a sofa, there are a few tips you can follow to create a sleek and modern space in your home. Whilst display cushions can be used throughout the home on beds, armchairs, on benches and more, the most common place to create your display cushion arrangement is on a sofa.

Interior designers tend to focus display cushion arrangements on sofa areas as this is where we spend the most time and entertain guests. Using this space is one of the most effective and most simple ways to enhance and modernise a space.

Begin by considering your existing cushion arrangement, taking in account the different textures, colours, patterns, shapes, and sizes available. Everyone’s taste is different which is why you should start by experimenting with moving and arranging your cushions in different ways to create new and interesting compositions.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with cushions you can start by implementing the coveted 2:2:1 rule used by Interior designers globally. This rule states that you start with 2 cushions of the same size and colour on either side. Then place two slightly smaller cushions in front to create an image of enhanced depth. Finish by placing one smaller accent cushion at the very front and centre of your piece.

It’s up to you how you choose to arrange your display cushions but here we will explore some of the key elements of arranging cushions on a sofa from layering to colour which can help to inform your placement.

Layering Up

Layering is an effective way of displaying cushions on a sofa that will help to fill up void space in a stylish and complimentary way. The best way of achieving this look is by firstly grabbing your larger cushions and placing them at the back of your sofa, then gradually move inwards with smaller cushions. The arrangement of cushions on your sofa can then be finished off with your favourite statement cushion to really complete your unique work of art.

Layering is not set in stone and as the name suggests you can choose to layer your cushions with one large cushion and one smaller cushion in one corner, a range of cushions moving inwards from one side or even just one statement cushion in either corner- it’s entirely up to you!

Play with Textures

If you are struggling with layering, textured cushions are the perfect addition to any display cushion arrangement. Their ability to perfectly compliment and contrast solid-coloured cushions whilst accentuating other design elements in your space makes them an integral interior addition to your home. Cushions generally work best when they are varied in arrangement based on texture, pattern, and colour in order to create a display that is great to look at. Arranging textured cushions in odd numbers tends to be the most visually appealing when displayed on sofas!

Colour Palette

Your colour palette is everything when it comes to interior design. This means finding the right cushions which compliment and highlight your colour scheme and décor is key. Cushions can either be in keeping with the colours of the space or can be completely different, adding a unique pop of colour. Whatever your cushion colour scheme you choose, the most important thing is that you love it!

Properly Caring for Display Cushions

As the name suggests, display cushions are not like everyday cushions you would find on a sofa or bed in that their primary function is for aesthetic purposes. They are a conscious design choice, much like a work of art or an intriguing piece of furniture that functions specifically to balance and compliment the aesthetics of the space.

Despite your cushion arrangement being its own work of art and something that is not to be used for comfort, it is important to remember that they will require care and upkeep. Caring for your display cushions is vital if you are to ensure they remain in excellent condition and most of all, retain their aesthetic integrity.

Each Toni Thornton Art cushion cover is made of a cotton/linen blend fabric and has a backing fabric which will specially suit the design of the piece. All our cushion covers are machine washable and will retain their quality, but we would always recommend that with fine art print cushions, the cushion cover is turned inside out and gently washed at no more than thirty degree Celsius.

As part of caring for display cushions, we would always recommend ensuring that the inserts used are not too small or too large as this can not only damage the cushion but also ruin the desired aesthetic. Toni Thornton Art abstract and floral cushion covers should use inserts that are no smaller or larger than 55 by 55cm.

Toni Thornton Art cushion covers are the perfect statement cushion to tie any space together. Using sections of our abstract and floral print collections, Toni Thornton has curated a range of cushion designs to compliment a range of spaces and colour schemes. Each design is delicately printed on a 50x50cm linen/cotton blend fabric, making it the ideal size for a cosy corner chair, snug sofa, or alcove seating. Toni Thornton Art cushions can exist seamlessly in a space as a statement piece or can be curated as part of a range of cosy furnishings, blankets, and cushions. Our designs work to add a unique texture to your cosy space or can be beautifully paired with the matching fine art canvas too.


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