Improve Your Walls With A Luxury Hand Embellished Print

Our carefully curated range of printed artworks from our Abstract, Floral and Large Print range are produced using an 8 colour Latex fine art printing process. Each print is hand-finished by one of the UK’s most experienced framing teams. Each canvas is of the highest quality, and while the print itself sits smoothly on the canvas, the texture of the canvas can be seen along with every brushstroke.


Why choose a hand embellished print?

Have you always wanted to invest in one of our beautiful, printed designs but never found the right option to suit your tastes and your space? Look no further. At Toni Thornton Art, we offer a service termed ‘hand embellishment’; this is where Toni works back into the canvas print with a colour/s of your choice, creating a delicate and unique edge to each artwork.

In choosing hand embellishment, you can invest in the luxury of artwork at a lower cost than a completely original piece, meanwhile tailoring the artwork to your home and specifications. Perhaps you love the monochromatic nature of our Thread print but would love to incorporate some metallic within the piece? Now Toni’s commission books have reopened, not only can you choose a metallic frame, but there is also an option to incorporate a specific colour of your choice within the artwork.

Whether you would like to incorporate a metallic accent, a striking colour or even the colour of your walls throughout your home, no task is too much for Toni. We are happy to view samples of materials within your interiors, discuss your ideas and tailor the artwork to your needs.


Floral artwork with metallic gold details

Hand Embellished ‘Beauty’ Print / Gold 19mm Classic Frame / Embellished with Gold


I have decided I would like to invest in a hand embellished print. What next?

After you have decided you would like to commission a hand embellished print with Toni, we would recommend you email us at Then, we will send across one of our hand embellishment enquiry forms. This form collates all the necessary information when discussing ideas and taking on a new order.

Our knowledgeable team can help you decide on just the right combination to suit your interior space.

A fantastic way we can offer our support is if you send across as much information as you can. This may include the colour and the size of your empty wall space, what other accents you have within your interior and any useful imagery of your home/chosen space. This enables Toni to visualise the space where the artwork will be displayed.


Beige, black and white abstract artwork in a black tray frame with metallic gold details

Hand Embellished ‘Stormy Mist’ print / Black 38mm Tray Frame / Embellished with Gold


How much does hand embellishment cost and can you create the artwork in bespoke sizes with a bespoke frame?

Once we have all the relevant information, we can calculate a quotation for your artwork. Your quote will change depending on the desired size of the artwork alongside if you would like a bespoke frame for the hand embellished print.

Our standard sizes for limited edition prints are 16×24″ and 24×32″. If you were to choose a one of these standard sizes, hand embellishment would be a small additional fee which would be calculated and discussed at the time. The additional hand embellishment cost will vary should you decide on a large, bespoke sized canvas.

If you decide you would like something more unique to your interior, hand embellished pieces can work well in bespoke frames.

Bespoke sizing is another variable we are more than happy to talk through with you. Depending on the dimensions of your empty wall space, your chosen hand embellished print may call for a change in dimensions to suit your space. We will always do our best to meet your needs wherever we can and create the artwork as close to your preferred dimensions as possible.

Once we know all your requirements, we will provide a quotation for both the artwork, depending on the size/frame and for the hand embellishment. If you are an international customer, we will also quote any shipping costs at this stage.


Black, navy blue and brown artwork of an abstract waters edge with rose gold details

Hand Embellished ‘Waters Edge’ Prints / Black 38mm Tray Frame / Embellished with Rose Gold


Do hand embellished prints have texture?

Hand embellished prints may have slightly raised/textured areas where the hand embellished sections layer up.

All of the artworks within our limited edition print collection are created to the highest standard; each artwork is made to order according to your requirements. The print range is created using an 8 colour Latex fine art printing process, and while the print itself sits smoothly on the canvas, the texture of the canvas can be seen along with every brushstroke.

When hand embellishing printed artworks, Toni works back into the canvas with a colour/s tailored to your brief. Therefore, the areas which have been worked back into are slightly textured where the paint layers have built up. Toni’s eye for detail means that each artwork is properly balanced and blended to ensure that the difference of the paint amongst the print is minimal, giving a beautiful finish to the overall artwork.


Section of black, white and cream abstract artwork with metallic gold and blue embellishment

Hand Embellished ‘Illume’ Print / Close-Up / Embellished with Royal Blue and Brass


Can Toni paint over the entire design to make it look like an original?

Not only are the printed designs beautiful in their own right, but the hand embellishment service is designed to add a unique element to each print, not to make the print look like an original. Therefore, Toni does not offer this as part of the hand embellishment service. We only ever create 100 of each limited edition print, and therefore the artworks are valuable in their own right. Instead, we offer hand embellishment as a simple way to enhance the artwork to suit your interiors.


Two pieces of abstract artwork in silver frame. Metallic silver and blue details embellished within both artworks

Hand Embellished ‘Thread’ Prints / Silver 19mm Classic Frame / Embellished with Navy and Silver

Paint tubes piled on top of eachother


The Painting Process

Once Toni begins the painting process, we will send you frequent updates on each layer of embellishment. Of course, we welcome any ideas you have along the way, so if you would like the artwork amending at all, please let us know; feedback is super important to us!



Once you have approved the painting and we know you are completely happy,
we will begin to arrange the delivery of your artwork.

At this stage, we request that any outstanding payments are settled for insurance purposes (depending on the number of artworks you are commissioning for hand embellishment, a 50% deposit is an option to secure your space within Toni’s books). Each artwork will be carefully wrapped and secured ready for delivery with one of our trusted couriers.

If you are away on holiday, will not be at home for any reason, or your space is not quite finished yet, we are happy to safely store the artwork in our studio until you anticipate you will be ready for the delivery of the hand embellished print.

We typically quote that each artwork will take approximately 4-5 weeks from payment to delivery in the UK. International deliveries may take a little longer, however, we will communicate this at the time. This may take slightly longer for the larger sized prints and is dependent on the current situation with customs delays in certain areas.


Final steps

Once you receive your artwork, sit back, and admire your hand embellished print!


A cream/beige lounge area with gold and glass coffee table. Wooden shelf sits above sofa, displaying abstract artwork with gold frame and gold detailing

Hand Embellished ‘Thread’ Prints / Silver 19mm Classic Frame / Embellished with Brass – @Yorkshirehousebuild


Please note that this service is only available on our limited edition print collections, excluding prints from our Land and Sea collection, and both Lydia Millen and the Style Sisters’ collections.


As always, please do let us know if you have any further questions, a member of our team will always be happy to help.


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