We Plant Trees for Every Order

We Plant Five Trees for Every Artwork Order

Here at Toni Thornton Art, taking responsibility for our environmental impact is incredibly important to us. That’s why in 2022, we vowed to plant five trees for each online order, as per our sustainability mission statement. Alongside this, we also offset our studio emissions. This helps fund vital projects all over the world, including mangrove planting in Madagascar, forest restoration in Kenya, and wind power projects in South Africa. The latter of which has facilitated healthcare for 9,000 local people. This is just a small fraction of the impact your orders have made throughout the year; we are super excited to increase our positive impact as our business grows.

Alongside tree-planting schemes, we aim to manage and reduce our carbon footprint in various other ways too.

  • Recycling

Currently, our annual recycled waste is at least 4.5 times greater than our general waste. We hope to increase this percentage organically as more of our supply chains switch to recyclable packaging. Wherever possible we will make the most sustainable choices for purchases.

  • Packaging

All of the packaging for our limited edition prints is fully recyclable and can be disposed of as recycling as per UK regulations. Similarly, we also make a conscious effort to repurpose any waste packaging we can throughout the business.

  • Bespoke Artwork

We aim to use a vegan acrylic paint alternative wherever possible, and that which we can’t reduce, we offset in our collaboration with the Ecologi project.

  • Limited Edition Prints

Due to the number of variations we offer for our limited edition prints (size/frame colours/depths), we do not hold everything in stock, allowing us to maintain a zero-waste inventory. Each of our limited edition prints is made to order. Therefore, while this can result in a slightly longer lead time (currently 3-4 weeks from the purchase date to delivery), we believe this is a small price to pay to support climate-positive procedures. We also believe that in the current ‘fast-paced – throw away’ society there is truth in that “you usually have to wait for that which is worth waiting for.”

Our team here at the Toni Thornton Art studio is passionate about sustainability and believes the most effective solution to help fight climate issues is to continually assess our methods of tracking, offsetting, and reducing our carbon footprint.

Artist Toni Thornton noted, “We strive to be a small but positive cog in the fight against climate change. We hope that our efforts to take responsibility for our climate impact will help preserve the beautiful planet we are so lucky to inhabit for future years.”


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