The benefits of buying limited edition artwork from an independent artist

When you buy limited edition artwork from an independent artist, you are doing more than simply purchasing a product; you are supporting a real person. There are many benefits to doing so that you may not have previously considered. In this article, we will introduce you to the world of independent artists and how your purchase can have a bigger impact than you might think.

Giving Back

Buying a piece of work from an individual artist supports an independent business, which is part of a wider community. Over the past year, we’ve heard the phrase ‘shop small’ more than ever, reminding us that our towns and cities are home to amazing enterprises that have a single individual behind them. Now, more than ever, we must support these people who work tirelessly to create original products that we would otherwise not have the opportunity to buy. By paying for a unique print from an independent artist, instead of a mass-produced piece from a larger company, you are putting money back into your community.

Supports the Artist

Buying limited edition artwork is a great way to support independent creatives. Artists that opt to sell their prints in restricted numbers are more inclined to create new works of art rather than sell old reproductions. When purchasing a limited edition piece of art, you are supporting an artist in a way that benefits both you as the consumer and them as a small business. It feels good to obtain an incredible piece of art that only a handful of others will own, and for a great price as well.

Better Customer Service

Statistics show that 89 per cent of consumers are more likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience. Independent artists and small business owners are acutely aware of this. One of the most significant advantages to buying limited edition artwork from an independent artist is that they are more hands-on, attentive, and eager to provide a memorable customer service experience. Shopping independent permits you to interact directly with an artist, so you can be assured you are buying from someone who is passionate about their work and has first-hand knowledge of each piece. Unlike a larger company, independents are more willing to go the extra mile to guarantee your interaction with them is pleasant, personalised and unique.

A Unique and Quality Purchase

We all love modern art and being able to walk around a city and see art everywhere you turn is uplifting. But have you ever felt like you are seeing identical prints repeatedly? Restaurants, bars, shops, and cafes are all eager to attract customers with fun and exciting artwork, but most of the time these images are reproductions sold by a large, faceless company. If you are looking for something unique and high quality, you should seek it out by supporting an independent artist.

Toni Thornton Art is proud to offer beautiful and collectable giclee fine art prints produced to the highest standard. Unlike the cheaper reproductions mentioned earlier, each fine art print is made using a 12-colour Giclee fine art printing process and hand-finished by one of the UK’s most experienced canvas framing teams. Each image is produced on a 400gsm fine art canvas to ensure every detail, colour and texture is accurately captured and will last a lifetime. The skill, time and care required to create a limited edition artwork cannot be replicated.

Feel Good

As we emerge from a year that has been challenging for independent businesses, your investment matters more than ever. It is easy to make purchases with companies that create lower-quality art reproductions, but it will never feel as good as buying from an independent artist who will be thrilled to have you as a customer. Ethical shopping that supports local artists will make a more significant difference to the artist and the broader community than you can imagine. Every choice that we make with our money has an impact, and it starts with you!

Shop Independent with Toni Thornton Art

Toni Thornton Art proudly offers a wide variety of giclée prints and original pieces which can help to create the right atmosphere in any home. We aim to deliver a service that supports you in choosing artwork that is the best fit for both your space and taste. If you would like to know more about the range of fine art prints and canvases available from Toni Thornton, you can explore the range here.

If you would like to learn more, feel free to get in touch today via the contact page or call the studio directly on 01977 809048. Toni and the team would be happy to assist with finding the right work of art for your room.


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