Why You Should Gift Abstract Artwork This Valentine’s Day

Toni Thornton Art x Lydia Millen: The Gold Edit – ‘Au’ Limited Edition Print. 23k Gold dust acrylic gold band signalling everlasting love.

Looking to surprise a loved one with a beautiful piece of artwork they can cherish forever this Valentine’s? Look no further.

The gift of artwork is one of the most thoughtful, loving, and caring gifts there is. Appealing to our many senses, the abstract nature of many of Toni’s designs can elicit many different messages which you may want to express to your loved one this Valentine’s. Whether that be the serenity of calming landscapes to express your love and appreciation or to simply commemorate the occasion with the drama of moody waters, our diverse range of options will be sure to make a statement within any interior space.


By gifting artwork to your loved ones this Valentine’s, you will truly brighten their day, encouraging their imagination to run wild within each beautiful design. Toni’s personal connections to many of the artworks can also be used as inspiration when choosing a design for a loved one. Gifting artwork is a truly thoughtful gesture and would not go unnoticed by your recipient; that’s why our dedicated team have curated our ultimate guide to gifting artwork this Valentine’s Day.



Toni Thornton Art x Floral Collection: Affirmation card

Floral Collection

Inspired by the beauty of the natural world, our swoon-worthy Floral collection will be sure to sweep your Valentine off their feet. This three-piece breath-taking collection is set to make a statement and would make a fantastic Valentine’s gift.


Abstract layers and textures gather within each piece to create three beautifully expressive artworks which can echo your feelings of appreciation to your recipient. Alongside a handful of dried rose petals, each design is adorned with an affirmation card individual to each piece and symbolic of the meaning imbued within each brushstroke. These thoughtful elements combine to create a beautiful abstract art gift for your lucky recipient.


Both our ‘Beauty’ and ‘Intrigue’ designs from this collection have a beautiful matching cushion cover available which can be viewed here.

Each piece from the floral collection is available to purchase here: https://tonithorntonart.com/floral/



Toni Thornton Art x Portare Collection: ‘Wander’ available here.


Portare Collection

Conveying the message of new beginnings, new journeys, transporting and carrying, the beautiful eight-piece original ‘Portare’ collection speaks to this special Valentine’s holiday like no other. Each piece has a heart-warming quote hidden within, subtle to the eye but signalling a powerful message when purchased as a gift for your special someone.


Within each of these original paintings, numerous layers gather to echo the building of a relationship with your loved one. Whether it be romantic, familial or friendship, the deeper meaning amongst each piece is suited to many occasions. Beyond the many layers within a select few pieces are hidden brushstrokes of metallic bronze; these glimmers of bronze add depth to each piece while blending in seamlessly to the overall design.


Each piece is available to view and purchase here: https://tonithorntonart.com/portare-collection/



Toni Thornton Art x Abstract Print Collection: Stormy Mist available here.

Featured Limited Edition Print: Stormy Mist

Following the success of one of Toni’s previous abstract designs, Cosy Storm, which sold all of 100 in the edition, Toni wanted to create something with similar textures and tones. Using her signature neutral palette, Toni created this beautiful design using energetic, feathered marks, the use of layering symbolic of a relationship with a loved one slowly building over time.  While slightly cooler in tone than Cosy Storm, Stormy Mist presents a serene abstract design, perfect for an interior space calling for added depth and texture. Tones of white, pale beige, stone and a mixture of greys combine to create an overall stunning piece, perfect for Valentine’s gifting to a loved one.



Toni Thornton Art ‘Fragments’ collection – ‘Florence’ available here.

Fragments Collection

Gifting artwork from the stunning ‘Fragments’ collection is an unrivalled way to show your loved ones how you feel this Valentine’s Day. Each piece is three-dimensional and expressive in nature, conveying a heartfelt message of love to your lucky recipient.


Owing to many beautiful locations across the world, the three-dimensional elements within each of the artworks are reminiscent of our freedom to travel and explore. The travel restrictions in place throughout the past few years has meant that many of us haven’t been able to visit our loved ones in distant destinations and explore the beautiful world in which we are so lucky to live. This collection of 3D artworks could perhaps serve as a landmark to bring beautiful destinations across the world into the interior spaces of your loved ones.


View the collection here:  https://tonithorntonart.com/fragments-collection/



‘Range’ original piece available here.


Commission a piece of artwork

Toni’s 2022 diary has officially opened for bespoke artworks, meaning you can commission a piece of artwork for your special someone. Perhaps you wish to incorporate their favourite colours or convey a touching message of your appreciation for them. No task is too small for Toni Thornton Art; After a discussion with Toni, she will work with you on your ideas according to your brief, where you will be able to create a beautiful piece together for your loved one.


We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas when it comes to commissioning artwork, so please feel free to contact us at info@tonithorntonart.com and a member of our friendly team will respond as soon as possible!


Gift Vouchers

Is there a new person in your life to who you would like to gift artwork but you’re hesitant to decide for them? Or perhaps your loved one prefers to choose for themselves? We have you covered.


When it comes to our choosy loved ones, our extensive range of gift vouchers has all your gifting needs covered.  Each voucher is encased within one of our beautiful complimentary boxes and can be sent directly to your recipient with a handwritten gift message chosen by you. Each of our gift vouchers is unique and can only be redeemed by your chosen recipient. To view our range of gift cards, please click here.


Hopefully our guide can assist you when it comes to gifting artwork at Valentine’s, however, if there is anything else you need, please contact us at info@tonithorntonart.com.


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