The best floral prints for your walls

Abstract Floral Art is the perfect way to update your space, adding texture, intrigue and beauty to your room. Toni Thornton Art is proud to offer a range of floral prints that can transform any space and offer viewers the chance to own a piece of artwork that is both unique and intensely personal. Each floral collection piece is delivered with a drawstring bag of dried rose petals and an affirmation card unique to the piece to make it all that more special.

The floral collection is created to provide individuals with a piece that is personal to them, offering a moment of calm and contemplation, allowing them to affirm their beauty, intrigue or timeless nature.


The first piece in the floral print collection, ‘Beauty’, truly lives up to its name combining beautiful neutral tones, dusky pink and pale green all anchored with charcoal tones to create depth. The piece is named after the rose flower which is traditionally used to symbolise love and romance but also to suggest that someone is beautiful.

Each abstracted mark within the piece is delicately placed to create a floral structure resting and weaving between each stroke. The piece is delicately layered to emulate the liveliness and movement of nature amongst various shapes of expression.

‘Beauty’ is the perfect gift for the wall of someone you love and admire, allowing them to reflect each day on their internal and external beauty and the beauty of those around them. The piece is delivered with a unique affirmation card which reads ‘“I hold beauty, I am beautiful on the inside and this radiates on the outside. I am beauty.”


As the second piece in the floral print collection, ‘Intrigue’ is proudly textured with expressive marks layered together to create a monochromatic masterpiece. This floral study gently builds layers combining white, grey and blue tones with deep black marks to provide a level of richness to the piece. The flower within the artwork gradually climbs across the canvas, as if growing up towards the sun. It is highly textured allowing viewers to get lost for hours as their eyes wander along each endless stroke.

‘Intrigue’ is a piece which lives up to its name, drawing you in and leaving you wanting more. It is the perfect centrepiece for any space, evoking thought, emotion and conversation. The piece is delivered with its own unique affirmation card which reads “I am on my path to find purpose and meaning, I am intrigued by the world and I am intriguing.”


Named after the artist’s use of a more traditional colour palette, ‘Timeless’ is the third and final piece in the floral collection. It is a piece which combines neutral tones with striking black and white gestural markings. Like ‘Intrigue’, this piece too guides the floral structure diagonally across the canvas, willing it to break free from the piece. This work of art is both heavily layered and textured so that it allows the viewer to become captivated within the piece.

The piece is delivered with a unique affirmation card which reads “Focusing on the present moment is all I need to do. Time belongs to me, I am timeless.” It is the perfect piece for those who often find themselves caught up in the hustle and bustle of modern-day life and would benefit from a moment of calm each day in which they can be present, enjoying beautiful art and reflecting on their thoughts and emotions.

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The floral print collection is a limited-edition selection of works which will be signed and numbered upon purchase on either the front or back depending on your preference. The pieces can be framed in a different orientation to what you see here to create unique centrepiece in your space.

Our bespoke order books are currently closed due to the volume of work we have in the studio at present. Any work on our website is still available to order. For all other urgent enquiries please email where our studio assistant Meg will be able to assist you. Thank you.


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