Why do artists make limited edition artwork?

To understand why artists create limited edition prints, we must first understand what they are. Limited edition artwork refers to the number of prints made available of a particular piece.

That figure is decided by the artist, with many choosing numbers such as 10, 50 or 100.

Each piece of artwork is then a print of the original work and, once purchased, is signed by the artist.

What is the purpose of limited edition artwork?

Original pieces of art can take days, weeks, and months to create. They are a labour of love for the artist, resulting in the production of something that they cannot bear to part with. However, admirers will be eager to buy it. Thankfully, Giclée printing presents both artists and art lovers the perfect solution, permitting creators to produce limited edition prints of their work while retaining the original.

Giclée prints give to buyers a superior quality piece of art, using a digital process that involves a fine nozzle spraying thousands of dots per square inch onto a canvas. A dozen ink colours are used, instead of the traditional four in everyday printing, ensuring every detail is accurately reproduced. Buyers will then be in possession of a limited edition work of art that is almost indistinguishable from the original, and has a lifespan of 100 years.

Limited edition artworks are often the most modern and on-trend for the sole reason that they tend to sell out quickly. However limited does mean limited, and most artists who choose to sell their prints this way will create new works instead of selling old ones continuously. So, when buying a limited edition piece of art, you know you are displaying something fresh and unique that nobody else has seen before.

Another key benefit to making limited edition artwork, for artists and buyers, is that it allows people to support artists in a way that benefits both parties. When you buy one, you are directly supporting its maker while at the same time gaining possession of an incredible piece of art that only a handful of others will have. Thanks to the developments in printing technology, and the rise of giclée printing over the past 20 years, the limited edition artwork market is thriving. Now, more than ever, it is worth buying these types of artwork because you will own something that has a very narrow distribution.

You will have a piece of art that you can proudly display in your home, and can show to friends and family knowing that they will have never seen anything like it. Best of all, limited edition artwork usually retains or increases in value, particularly if it is signed and numbered by the artist.

Just as original pieces of artwork were seen as the only way to invest in art in the past, the digital advances in contemporary prints have meant that limited edition giclée prints can be just as valuable. They provide to buyers the same beauty, intrigue, and luxury as an original piece, and the high-quality process involved in their creation ensures yours will last as long as the original.

Toni Thornton Art Limited Edition Prints

Toni Thornton Art is proud to offer a stunning collection of limited edition prints carefully curated by the artist. With only 100 examples of each being produced, you are assured to own a truly rare work of art. Once purchased, your limited series giclée print will be created using a 12-colour fine art printing process and beautifully hand finished by one of the country’s most experienced canvas framing teams.

We ensure that each print is produced on a 400gsm fine art canvas, and is made available in a range of sizes and framing options. Once complete, Toni will hand sign and number your artwork to authenticate the piece. If you are looking for art that will compliment your space by introducing a new and unique range of colour, texture and movement, a limited edition giclée print from Toni Thornton Art is the perfect addition. With only finite numbers of prints available, we would encourage you to purchase your favourite piece soon to avoid disappointment.

To explore Toni Thornton Art’s current limited edition artwork collection of Giclée Fine Art Prints, you can visit our dedicated page here. For any other questions or enquiries, please feel free to get in touch today via the form on the contact page or contact the artist directly on 01977 809048.


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