How to arrange artwork in your home

Art is often displayed in the home for aesthetic purposes, creating a beautiful and unique focal point that everyone can enjoy. However, recent research has increasingly demonstrated how art can impact the brain’s wave patterns, emotional state, nervous system and even raise serotonin levels. Art has a wonderful and unique ability to change the way an individual views and experiences the world.

As such, there are many benefits to displaying artwork at home but arguably the most important is the unique mental health benefits it offers. Art has been seen to reduce anxiety and depression in adults, allowing the mind to feel more relaxed. In some cases, individual’s brains have been shown to release dopamine when viewing artwork, a chemical that is linked to love, pleasure and joy.

Artwork at home also helps to improve the quality of our lives and personalises our living spaces. The mental and emotional impact far differs when comparing a room with blank walls and a room with interesting, thought provoking and aesthetically pleasing artwork. Art allows a space to develop its own character and warmth, transforming your home into beautiful and engaging environment where you will enjoy spending time.

Where should I display artwork in my home?

Ultimately, where you choose to display your artwork in your home is a personal choice. There are no set rules dictating where you can and cannot display artwork, but areas where you feel a piece of work would complement the space is a good place to start.

You may benefit from displaying a large art piece within rooms of your home that could benefit from a unique focal point to balance and complete the space. Not only will it aesthetically complement your décor but it will act as a unique and interesting talking point when entertaining guests.

Transitional spaces should also not be overlooked as venues for displaying artwork at home. Making use of what can be bare and forgotten transitional spaces such as hallways and entryways is a great way to display artwork. In these spaces, most interior designers would focus on using significant pieces, particularly at the end of hallways where it can have the most impact.

How to best display artwork at home

When faced with a blank wall in your home, it can become quite overwhelming knowing how to display your chosen artwork. Again, there are no hard and fast rules on how best to arrange artwork as it is a personal choice, and each person will decorate in a way that suits their tastes. The key is figuring out which arrangement and style works for you to achieve the right look and feel in your space. To help you with your display, here are some of the general rules for displaying artwork at home.

Large Centrepiece

If you are looking to display a large canvas it is generally best to present these as standalone pieces as they often work well as a centrepiece. These larger works of art tend to be either stretched over a canvas or framed and ready to hang in your space meaning all you need to do is decide where in your home would benefit from such an aesthetically pleasing focal point. A good tip for landscape artworks can be to hang them above a mantel piece or console table as the layout of these spaces complements a wider set piece.

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall can be the perfect means of displaying your artwork whether this be eclectic mix of pieces or artwork that follows a similar colour scheme or genre. In displaying artwork this way, you have a unique opportunity to mix and match pieces , incorporating and embracing your taste and personality across an entire wall. Your pieces can be arranged symmetrically in frames of the same size or you can showcase a range of work of all sizes and mediums.

Paired Artwork

Another great way to display artwork is in pairs or as a triptych to create a beautiful and balanced gallery of work. You will want to ensure that these works complement each other as well as the space either by sharing a similar style, theme or colour. It can also help to use the same frame for both to ensure they work in harmony in your space.


If you are choosing to have your artwork framed you may want to consider selecting a frame that will complement your space. A frame that properly accents both the artwork and the area it will be displayed in will help to create an aesthetically balanced and beautiful space. Canvases can be displayed both as they are, or framed depending on how you wish the artwork to look in your home. Toni Thornton artwork is available in a range of sizes with various framing options to suit the interior you are working with. Each piece is available to be hand finished by one of the UK’s most experienced canvas framing teams who will work to create the perfect frame for your home.

Find the perfect artwork for your home

Toni Thornton Art offers a wide variety of bespoke artwork and giclee prints which utilise a more neutral and subtle approach to colour, instead allowing the abstraction of the pieces to bring the art to life in your home. Toni Thornton has worked with a number of clients to provide the perfect bespoke artwork for their home.

Toni can create original, eye catching contemporary pieces to cater to your interior needs and add the finishing touch that will tie any room together. If you would like to know more about artwork for your home created by Toni Thornton, take a look at art for the wall.

If you are looking for the perfect artwork for your home please feel free to get in touch today via the contact page or contact the artist studio directly on 01977 809048. The Toni Thornton Art team are more than happy to discuss your aesthetic preferences, as well as your plans and ideas to create the best suited bespoke artwork for your space.


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