How to Choose Art for Your Workplace: A Guide

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Office Art represents much more than just an aesthetically pleasing picture in a room; it can have a significant impact on how employees, visitors, clients and the general public view your business. The art you choose to adorn your office space with is a direct reflection of who you are as a company in every sense and has the power to influence more than you think.

It is not always simple choosing art for your office, especially when you are looking to give the right first impression which is why here, we have put together a concise guide on how to choose art for your business’ office space.

What to look for when choosing Office Art

Colour Palette

Different colours can influence and evoke a variety of emotions in people which is why when looking for office art, the first place to start is with a colour palette in mind. Bland walls, carpets and furniture can be instantly lifted and transformed into a contemporary space with the right piece of art. Good art doesn’t have to consist of bright colours, it can use a more neutral and muted colour palette and still evoke a range of emotions whilst creating the right mood in your office. Neutral contemporary pieces are particularly effective in reception or waiting areas as they can help create conversation and set the right tone for your meeting.

Abstract Art

Abstract art is one of the most popular choices of modern art for offices in the 21st century and for good reason. Abstract art as the name suggests, abstracts visual reality using gestural marks, lines and geometric shapes which have no source of reference in visual reality. It is these types of artwork that fit perfectly into collaborative office spaces. How better to get the creative juices flowing than by having an innovative and inspirational piece of abstract art on the wall. Such types of artwork are unique in that they allow you to access more creative areas of your brain and provoke different emotions, opinions and ways of looking at subjects. This distinct ability to unlock the creative potential in a range of people is why abstract is undoubtedly one of the best art genres for office spaces.

How to Choose Office Art

Reflective Art

The art you choose is always a direct reflection of who you are and this is no different for office art. The work you choose to hang in your space is reflective of who you are as a company and in many ways, demonstrates your personality and brand. As such, before choosing or commissioning a piece of art, it is important that you understand your brand; this means knowing your brand values, who you are, what you do and most importantly, why you do it. If you are a forward thinking, contemporary company with cutting edge ideas you may want a piece of art that demonstrates this. Equally if you are grounded in traditional values you may want something slightly more conservative. These key areas will help to guide you towards a piece of art that is truly reflective of your company personality.

Your Brand

Your brand is your story and a good piece of artwork can help to illustrate this story. Customised art in your office, meeting rooms, hallways, reception or waiting room can be an effective way of sharing your company’s history and roots. A good example of this can be seen in the LinkedIn offices where they use local artists work in all of their branches to demonstrate their commitment to supporting and uplifting local business. This is undoubtedly a conscious decision as it demonstrates how this employment oriented company is willing to connect with and employ individuals in each city they operate from. This is a great example of how companies can use art to demonstrate the values and story behind their brand though artwork.

Core Values

Art that is able to communicate your company’s core values will always be an asset. It is the perfect way to remind both your team, clients and the public what you stand for, what you aim towards and what matters to you as a company. This can be demonstrated through literal visual representations or through an abstract medium which allows viewers to come to their own conclusions regarding what the piece represents and what it says about your company values.

The Benefits of Office Art

Improved Mental Wellbeing

There has been extensive research into the affect art can have on the human mind in different environments, one of which being in the workplace. According to a study carried out by Exeter University, employees who are allowed to work in a space that they could design and decorate were 32% more productive and happier. Installing art throughout your office is a quick and easy way to instantly improve your office space and make it a place that people are happy to come and work at.

Positive Atmosphere

Art instantly creates culture in any space and it is a great way of creating a more exciting, interesting and overall positive atmosphere in your office. Positive work culture has never been more important in aiding the mental health of employees, motivating your team, increasing productivity and retaining staff. Demonstrating that you care about your company’s office space shows that you care about your employees.

Impress and Attract Clients

According to Business Insider, first impressions are made within the first 7 seconds of meeting a person or entering a space. With this is mind, it is key that your office reflects who you are and how you want to be perceived, something art can instantly influence. Art, particularly good art, can create the right lasting impression on visitors and clients demonstrating that you are a company that cares about even the smallest details of your workspace and how you are perceived. Exhibiting innovative and contemporary art will capture their attention and instantly impress any visitor.

Bespoke artwork by artist Toni Thornton can be tailored to perfectly and accurately reflect who you are as a company and what you stand for. Toni can create original, eye catching contemporary pieces to cater to your needs and create an office space you are proud to work in.

If you are a company looking to invest in modern art for offices and would like a quote for bespoke artwork or a Giclee print from the current collection, please get in touch today via the the contact page on the website, adding your company name into the information.

Various commercial print options can also be produced to suit larger/multiple interior spaces within your office. If you would like more assistance to further discuss plans and ideas for your office space you can also contact the Toni Thornton studio directly on 01977 809048.


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