Important Reasons Why You Need Original Art

Important Reasons Why You Need Original Art

blue and gold original artwork duo in gold frame

Do you want to invest in original art? Artist Toni Thornton covers the important reasons why you need original artwork. 

 Perhaps your empty walls are seeking a pop of interest but you’re unsure where to start? Choosing original abstract art can be challenging. There are often endless options for original art within galleries, online and on social media platforms, such as Instagram.

Our dedicated team pride ourselves in ensuring these testing jobs are as easy, efficient, and most importantly, exciting, as possible!

Original artwork is classic, timeless and will retain its value for years to come. Purchasing original artwork is always a good investment, each unique design often appreciating in value over time.

Whether you choose to buy a limited-edition print, a hand embellished print, commission an original piece, or buy an original piece of artwork directly from our gallery, we are always happy to discuss your queries in order to find the best solution for you.


Abstract artist painting in studio

What is original art?

The term ‘original art’ can encompass many different forms, with paintings, photography and sculptures among the different variations.

‘Original artwork’ is defined as the first authentic version of artwork created by the artist. For example, Andy Warhol’s iconic Marylin Monroe silkscreen portrait, which recently sold for a record $195 million, is an example of original portrait art, created by Warhol himself. While replications of this artwork are in abundance, each replication of this artwork is not classified as an original. The  authentic piece itself remains the original work.

Another great example of this is Toni Thornton’s limited edition printed designs. Thornton creates the initial design and then each original design in her printed collections is then replicated only 100 times. Each artwork within the edition is a printed version of an original piece. The original piece is never be sold and is preserved safely in storage.

Buying original art supports the artist directly and is therefore a great way to support and invest in independent business who cherish your custom.


Large original artwork with gold and black details in brown wooden frame

Where can I buy original artwork?

There are various ways you can purchase original artwork, for example:

  • Art galleries – Firstly, it goes without saying that art galleries are an amazing place to view, and often purchase original art. Check the exhibitions prior to visiting to see whether any works are available.
  • Online / social media – Secondly, many artists have established a loyal following online through social media sites such as Instagram and directly through artist websites. Yorkshire based artist Toni Thornton noted “In a world of ever-growing social media interaction and home accounts, Instagram quickly became the perfect platform to showcase my designs. Initially, a client for a new home project commissioned me to create a series of bespoke pieces and since then I have been privileged enough to produce artwork for home and interior spaces and projects all over the world; including here in England, America, Amsterdam, Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain and more.”
  • Art studios – Furthermore, many artists hold in-house galleries within their studios. It may be worth contacting your favourite artists to see if you can view any works they have available.
  • Art fairs – Finally, art fairs often showcase a range of emerging and established artist’s work under one roof. Here, you may also have the opportunity to speak with the artist directly.


Small original artwork of the sea in ornate gold frame

Original paintings for sale online:

Neutral circular artwork in gold aluminium frame displayed on a chair

Sweetest | Portare Collection


‘Nothing sweeter.’

Acrylic on primed wooden board / Varnished
507mm Diameter / 20mm Depth
Aluminium frame coated in a brass finish frame

Beige floral artwork displayed on a stool



24×32” / 19mm Depth
Original Painting
Acrylic on Canvas
Unframed, Stretched Canvas

We can frame this artwork in a frame of your choice for an additional cost.

White and gold 3D artwork in the shape of Venice in a white wooden frame



Size including frame 335mm x 335mm
Depth 40mm
Original painting with hand stitched coated metal fragments
Hand made tray frame chosen to complement the piece

Black, beige and white original artwork unframed



24×32” / 19mm Depth
Original Painting
Acrylic on Canvas
Unframed, Stretched Canvas

We can frame this artwork in a frame of your choice for an additional cost.

In summary, the most important thing when investing in original art is to choose something you really love compared to something that is worth the most money. Remember, the piece will be with you for a very long time, therefore, it’s super important that you fall in love with the artwork each time you view it.

Contact us today for more information on original artworks, or if you are interested in commissioning your very own original artwork. Please see our dedicated blog page on bespoke art here.

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