The best abstract prints for your walls

Abstract art has transcended time becoming a staple in modern homes and it isn’t difficult to understand why. Abstract art allows you the freedom to explore the work and assign your own unique and personal meaning to the piece. This is an intensely personal affair which undoubtedly enriches the viewers experience of the artwork; allowing them a moment of calm and contemplation in what can often feel like a chaotic modern world.

Toni Thornton Art is proud to offer an extensive abstract collection of works that are available as abstract prints for walls.


Tempest is a unique highly textured design which seeks to combine a dramatic dark base with contrasting sharp white marks. This balance of light and dark is mixed with tones of burgundy and taupe that are seamlessly built up throughout the piece.

As a standalone artwork, this piece allows viewers to indulge in the very nature of abstraction; offering endless opportunities for the mind to wander and explore the intricacies of the work. As the name of the artwork suggests, many see an array of calming waves or moody waters that can make an elegant and intriguing addition to any space.


A soft and subtle but highly textured piece, Linen combines a unique array of off-white, grey tones and black. Linear threads of charcoal black create the foundation for this piece with softer shades layered above. These softer, more smudged strokes of off-white are perfectly juxtaposed against the sharper dark threads woven within.

This piece is named for its likeness to soft and delicate linen fabric with loose threaded edges making it perfect for spaces adorned with soft furnishings, linens or transitional spaces that would benefit from the light feel of this piece.


A more monochromatic design, Thread encompasses an array of white, black and grey textures with sharp black strokes creating ‘threads’. A softer, more dreamy atmosphere is created by the subtle smudges of light grey and charcoal that is contrasted by the striking black threads woven within.

Working seamlessly as both a standalone piece or in conjunction with other monochromatic abstract works, this piece may be of interest to many spaces. This artwork can help to accentuate the interior of a variety of spaces, complementing softer elements and furnishings.

Grey Matter

Made up of soft brush textures, this artwork was a creation of pure exploration, embodying the very essence of grey matter. The piece consists of expressive white marks, grey tones and is finally layered with rich charcoal tones.

Simple but extremely impactful, this piece can uniquely influence any space, particularly spaces that could benefit from the introduction of a softer and more introspective addition to a more structured setting.


Another monochromatic design, this urban inspired piece was designed to add detail and drama to any space. Each stroke and mark within the piece takes direct inspiration from the inherent hustle of metropolitan city life, as such the interpretation for this piece is open to the viewer. The poignant darkness of the black marks with the relief of the white spaces allows time for thought and each time the painting is viewed, different marks emerge.

A variety of interiors can benefit from this monochromatic statement piece, being best suited to a blank wall to add life and movement to your space. This piece allows for a moment of deep reflection and pause within days of busy city life, making it perfect for office spaces and city apartments.


The final addition to the range of stunning monochromatic abstract prints for walls, this piece offers a stark and dramatic combination of gestural white, black and grey markings layered on top of a softer grey background. The crisp white lines embody the idea of lightening, demonstrated by the strong diagonal shapes brushed across the canvas.

Spaces seeking a strong and innovative focal point could benefit from the dramatic nature this piece embodies. It is a work that can also be paired with other pieces from the monochromatic abstract range of prints, particularly ‘Grey Matter’.


If you are seeking a more subtle abstract piece, this artwork which combines delicate tones of white, grey, beige, stone and soft taupe is ideal. Using a combination of delicate textures and linear marks this work seeks to depict an abstract mountain top, as the title suggests. These delicate layers effortlessly create a calm and tranquil atmosphere and an intriguing depth that allows the viewer to discover more on each viewing.

The landscape nature of this piece lends itself to being positioned over a mantel or above a console table allowing both commercial and residential interiors in a variety of settings to benefit from this piece.

Cosy Storm

Named for its highly textured mix of autumnal tones, this piece exudes a delicate balance of drama and elegance. Combining white, grey and beige tones accompanied by striking black brush strokes, this powerful abstract print offers endless opportunities for the mind to wander and absorb the movement within.

A variety of spaces can enjoy the dramatic ambience this beautifully textured work offers but living spaces looking to accentuate soft, layered textures are well suited to this piece.


This stunning piece embraces heavy textured design using a combination of beige, stone, grey and soft taupe with intriguing burnt umber threads woven within the piece.

As with the other works in this series, the landscape nature of this piece lends itself to being positioned over a mantel or above a console table in any home.


An elegant monochromatic painting, this piece explores sharp linear marks against bold abstract textures. This piece combines a classic mix of stone, beige and off white tones with contrasting black details. The innate abstraction of this piece leaves the imagination to wander, challenging the viewer with every mark but for many, it is a work which symbolises new beginnings or a change in direction.

A monochromatic piece such as this works well in a wide range of spaces but particularly those which have neutral interior décor and have adorned their space with darker toned accents.

Heavy Rain

One of the most vibrant pieces in the abstract collection, this piece stays true to its name in its depiction of heavy rain. Using a mystical combination of blue tones alongside strong abstract marks, this work elicits intrigue and a unique sense of calm.

This is the ideal work of art if you are looking for a bright and beautiful piece that will add a pop of colour to a modern and elegant space in your home.

Pale Haze

Using a more muted blue tone accompanied by subtle tones of grey, stone and deep black details, Pale Haze indeed lives up to its name. Created as part of a deep exploration of linear marks against the soft grey brushed textures, this piece embodies abstraction in its purest form. The juxtaposed soft and harsh marks combine to create a most intriguing abstract painting.

Such a deep and stirring abstract piece can work well in a number of living and transitional spaces, able to both complement the interior whilst creating a striking focal point.


True to its name, this unique triptych embodies the very essence of composure through its elegant and continuous abstraction. This body of work elicits a sense of calm in the viewer as the eyes gently wander from canvas to canvas following the flowing grey textures.

The concept behind this was to allow the viewer to pause, creating almost a moment of composure between the continuous design. As such, it is a piece that can work well in a range of interior spaces particularly if you are looking for abstract prints for the wall in your home to create a gentle and calming environment, away from the intensity of modern life.

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