Toni Thornton Art X Style Sisters

The Style Edit

Gemma and Charlotte, also known as the Style Sisters, have over 15 years of experience in the fashion and interior industry and specialise in the re-styling of home and wardrobe spaces. The styling duo combine fashion with functionality and create beautiful spaces using their keen eye for detail and passion for interiors. The Style Edit embraces the Style Sisters’ wealth of experience within the interior design industry while utilising Toni’s accomplished artistic expertise. This collaboration project perfectly encapsulates this attention to detail and love of design that both Toni and the Style Sisters share.

Gemma and Charlotte have often approached Toni to supply beautiful artworks to be used within several of their high-profile schemes, such as for Georgia Kousoulou’s beautiful monochrome living room, and for the stunning deep navy and cream-toned living room of Danielle Armstrong! As a result, this meant that The Style Edit came naturally to both Toni and the Style Sisters, with Toni noting that ‘As a team, we found that the duo could use their creativity and knowledge of interiors and I could supply artwork to suit their briefs, bringing all aspects of their beautiful designs together’. The Style Sisters’ expertise is truly invaluable within a collection like this, with them commenting ‘We are so excited for this collection to go live. What a perfect way to bring your walls to life!’. The collaboration between Toni and the Style Sisters had proved a huge success even before The Style Edit, and therefore, we are so excited to share with you the heart and soul that has been poured into this partnership!

Further details of each piece, including the size and the colours incorporated within each piece, can be found below. Each artwork also has a matching luxury cushion cover which complements beautifully. 


Oak Burl:

£260 – 390

The name of this piece originates from the spellbinding knots found within the natural texture of tree bark. This piece beautifully combines crisp shades of white which engulf the many hidden layers of vanilla and beige with the deeper black markings forming the focal point of the piece. The piece has been carefully layered to draw the viewer in, mesmerising the viewer to intimately weave through each layer with their eyes, just as the hidden knots in the trees are surrounded by layers of texture. The beautiful piece mirrors a dance between the oak trees in the forest, embracing any vanilla and cream tones within your room. This is an incredible piece that would work well alongside various soft textures and muted tones within any space.


Oak Burl cushion cover:


As with the artwork, this cushion cover perfectly combines tones of vanilla and beige with deeper black markings to form a beautiful cushion cover. The textures and tones within this luxury cushion cover would perfectly compliment any space, perhaps perched upon a cream sofa or a large deep-toned armchair. Whatever the style of the room, this cushion cover is extremely versatile and would bring together the warm and muted tones within any space.


Midnight Sky:

£260 – 390

This piece incorporates dreamy tones of grey, taupe, charcoal and midnight blue layered onto an off-white base to recreate the soft and textured tranquillity of the midnight sky. Each effortless brush stroke dances across the canvas, building and deepening, to create a hypnotising work of art. This piece is one of my favourites, as the midnight blue tones almost seep into the artwork’s backdrop, recreating the true calmness of the midnight sky. This piece would work particularly well in any environment calling for that perfect hint of colour to piece the room together. Peace and tranquillity are at the forefront of this artwork, and this will be mirrored within the space the artwork is situated in.

Midnight Sky cushion cover:


This luxury cushion cover beautifully entwines deeper tones of grey and charcoal with just a hint of blue, but mainly the deeper, black tones of the midnight sky. This cushion would look beautiful particularly in a room with accents of black and taupe, with subtle nods of grey or blue to tie the space together.


By the River:

£260 – 390

The soft and textured tones within this piece flow across the canvas layering white with deep charcoal, mocha, taupe and beige tones. Each mark within the piece whispers across the canvas, like freshwater springing from the river. The detail in this piece is truly remarkable and the brush strokes are so calming, juxtaposed with the heavier, energetic markings. When viewing this artwork, you are forced to gaze into the endless layers of muted beige and taupe as they surge across the piece, while the dramatic charcoal draws your eyes in closer.


By the River cushion cover:


Bring a small corner of the beautiful outdoors inside your own home with this stunning abstract cushion cover. As with the artwork, this cushion cover mimics the delicate flowing of water from a fresh spring or river, and you can almost hear the movement of the water across the cushion cover. It is breath-taking and one of our personal favourites, particularly within spaces with beige, brown and mocha tones.

We hope you love this collection just as much as we do!

Toni Thornton Art x Style Sisters Collection 

Launching Thursday 22nd July 2021 / 6pm GMT  Email for enquiries


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