8 Reasons Why You Need Luxury Art Cushion Covers

Luxury art cushion covers are a striking option when looking to add interest, depth, and texture to complete your interiors. Whether you’re seeking a cosy haven to promote calmness, or an elegant pop of colour to bring your space to life, a carefully curated cushion collection can make all the difference.

Are you an art enthusiast with a growing art collection of your own, looking to inject luxury soft furnishings into your home? Perhaps you are an interior designer, looking for that finishing touch within your schemes. Whatever your circumstance, we recommend incorporating luxury art cushion covers within your settings to provide that magic finishing touch.


How To Choose the Right Luxury Art Cushion Covers?

Art can be subjective: “it is an expression of personal perspectives (…) because we are all people with different tastes and preferences”, says the international, contemporary gallery, Eden Gallery. However, the prevailing element of subjectivity within abstract art can make choosing art cushions all the more difficult.

Our advice before choosing art cushions is to take a step back. Breathe.

Try to admire your existing space, meanwhile evaluating which areas require an injection of colour, added texture, or depth. Think about colours and the effect you want the space to have.

To help with your colour palette, many artists and designers offering art cushions will have a range of samples to hand they can send you before investing.

It’s important to expect the unexpected when it comes to investing in art cushions; sometimes a space may require a touch of floral, when you were expecting a monochromatic abstract design, and visa versa.

Choose art cushions that enhance the space the most, even if the design is not what you were initially searching for or anticipating when looking to decorate.

While choosing art cushions can seem daunting, the experts at House & Garden say that decorative cushions are the “safest way to inject colour, pattern and interest to a room“.

Scroll down to reveal our top reasons why art cushions are an exciting way to boost your aesthetics all year round.


A black corner sofa in a cosy setting. The sofa is covered with scatter cushions, including a monochromatic abstract art cushion which is central to the sofa. There is a wooden finish coffee table in front of the sofa.
Credit: Alex Casa @casalawson

1. Luxury Art Cushion Covers are an Easy Way to Refresh Your Space 

Remodelling, renovating, and modifying your home can be a costly, time-consuming practice, with many unexpected hurdles along the way. “Before you get stuck in re-painting, or replacing your old couch, consider the idea of using a few cushions to spruce up your room” says Dengarden.

Decorative art cushions are an effective way to refresh your environment while complementing your existing interiors. Whether you’re looking to revamp a spiritless space or transform your existing décor in line with the ever-changing seasons, art cushions are a dependable way to instantly refresh your space.

Consider rotating your art cushions each season, opting for brighter colours in the spring and summer, and deeper, more seasoned colours throughout autumn and into winter. Doing so will ensure your home is always seasonally up to date and full of life.


Two cushions scattered towards the right arm of a grey sofa. There is a wooden coffee table adorned by high end fashion books and seascape artwork displayed on the wall behind the sofa.
Credit: Toni Thornton Art

2. Luxury Quality, Handmade in the UK and Machine Washable

Yorkshire-based artist Toni Thornton says “The most important part of the art cushion, besides the design, is the quality. A high-quality art cushion will increase the cushions luxury appeal, overall feeling within the home, and premium lifespan”.

The perfect luxury art cushion cover does not always need to cost a fortune. However, it is needless to say that it pays off to pay premium prices.

Typically, the higher the price tag, the higher the quality; quality should never be compromised for that luxurious, elegant feeling.

Each cushion within the contemporary art cushion range at Toni Thornton Art is handmade in the UK. The range is created using superior printing technology.

It goes without saying that machine washable fabrics are key for busy households. From on-the-go families to pet owners, machine washable cushion covers will always be a great option to retain a stylish and bright appearance within your home.

Toni Thornton Art cushions are the perfect solution for busy homes; to machine wash, carefully turn the corners inside out and place in the washing machine at 30°.


Five art cushions displayed on a grey sofa
Credit: Toni Thornton Art

3. Luxury Art Cushion Covers are a More Affordable Alternative to Canvas Artwork 

“Your art choice can define the mood of the room and reflect your personal taste”, says Indonesia Design. And while incorporating artwork into your space can be an exciting way to bring colour and tone into your space, choosing artwork is rarely as easy as buying straight off the shelf.

As of 2021, the global art market sales value reached 65.1 billion USD. Collectible artworks often appreciate in value over time, resulting in high price tags often reserved for the most wealthy.

Art cushions are an efficient way to incorporate the work of artists you love into your home for a smaller cost. With this, you are then able to invest in multiple designs, creating your very own gallery of cushion designs to switch up your aesthetics with the changing seasons and according to your emotions.

Incorporating art cushions into your space can be an affordable and effective way to reflect your tastes and boost your mood within your interiors.


Luxury art cushion displayed on a cream armchair
Credit: @gtwlhomes

4. Art Cushion Covers Allow You to Incorporate Art Within Even the Smallest of Spaces 

Unlike a large piece of framed artwork, luxury art cushions do not require a vast empty wall space.

With art cushions, you can incorporate added vibrancy and interest within even the smallest of spaces.

Perhaps you have a small reading nook where you’re looking to add interest and comfort, or a shoe bench in your hallway you’re looking to style? Look no further.

Art cushions work beautifully as decorative bedroom scatter cushions and in your home office as an added source of comfort for those long working evenings. From cosy snugs to grand hallways, abstract art cushions are the ideal way to efficiently style up your space in a versatile and unique way.


Black and white feature art cushions displayed on a bed with white bed linen. There is a navy blue wall behind the bed.
Credit: @bymarieisla

5. Source of Comfort

Looking to add that magical finishing touch to your interiors? Whether you want to add interest and elegance, or a playful touch of colour, art cushions are a perfect solution to accessorise your space in a sophisticated way.

Art cushions are conventionally made from the highest quality materials, typically using woven textiles such as Calico, Leenane, organic Panama fabrics, and other Cotton/Linen blends. These fabrics are beautiful to the eye and provide that subtle edge to transform your interiors into a cosy haven.


A cream L-shaped sofa with cream and light beige scatter cushions. An abstract art cushions sits central to the sofa.
Credit: @gtwlhomes

6. Fine Details

With many options to choose from, art cushions are the superior choice when it comes to premium pillows. With a choice of backing fabric, delicate piping/edging details, and hidden zips, decorative art cushions will guarantee a sophisticated finish within your interiors.

Toni Thornton Art cushions have a beautifully textured appearance that complements solid cushion covers; these designs are perfect for adding striking detail amongst layered cushions.


Corner of a luxury floral art cushion, displaying cream piping details on the edge of the cushion.
Credit: Toni Thornton Art

7. Choose Your Own Inserts 

From feather-filled to eco-friendly synthetic and vegan options, each filler material will create a different appearance for your art cushion. For the cushion to hold its shape and to best display the art, then foam or other synthetic inserts are optimal. On the other hand, while they don’t always retain their shape as well, natural fillings such as feathers can be plumped for that ‘chopped’ appearance.

More recently, there has been an influx of vegan and eco-friendly alternatives coming to market; we always recommend making the most responsible choices for our planet as well as your home’s aesthetics wherever.

We always recommend using an insert that is slightly larger than the cushion cover for a sophisticated finish.

Unlike many other art cushions, Toni Thornton Art designs are sold cover only, allowing you to choose your desired appearance for yourself!


Three abstract art cushions displayed on a cream sofa in front of a tall plant.
Credit: Toni Thornton Art x Style Sisters

8. Match Your Art Cushions to the Artwork in Your Home

Have you curated a beautiful collection of artwork in your home, but still feel like something is missing? Adding art cushions amongst a carefully selected art collection can be the perfect way to spruce up a lack-lustre space.

Interior designer and DIY guru Alex Casa, of the renowned Casa Lawson expressed “The art cushions from Toni Thornton Art are the perfect way to tie together artwork in other areas of your home & add a unique touch that’s different from anything available on the high street! I chose matching cushions to my artwork. But you could also mix it up to maximise Toni’s designs that you can share at home”.

Mixing and matching your cushion collection, especially when paired with a complementary limited-edition print, is an efficient way to synergise your home.



Toni Thornton Art is an abstract art business, specialising in luxury artwork and art cushion covers. Our specially curated range of art cushions offers richness and elegance to any space. Each luxury cushion cover design is a digitally printed version of abstract and floral artwork, created by Yorkshire-based artist, Toni Thornton.

Each design is hand-made in the UK and is machine washable as per our care instructions, supplied with each cushion.

Toni Thornton Art: Luxury Abstract Art Cushion Range

Collection of nine luxury art cushions from Toni Thornton Art.
Credit: Toni Thornton Art

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