Why You Should Gift Luxury Abstract Art This Christmas

While the prospect of gifting abstract artwork may seem quite overwhelming, here at Toni Thornton Art, we take pride in assuring all our clients that we are here to help with choosing artwork whenever you need it. There are not many gifts more beautiful, thoughtful, and memorable than giving the gift of abstract artwork.

We have several different options available on our website which are suitable for gifting. Why not keep reading to find out why giving the gift of artwork this festive season is a fantastic way to show your appreciation for your friends and family?

Each of our Toni Thornton Art pieces arrive with their appropriate hanging guide and fixings alongside a certificate of authenticity while will secure its longevity and value for years to come.

1) Gifting art shows thoughtfulness

Thoughtfulness is key when it comes to Christmas gifting, but it’s often difficult to find the perfect gift which sends the right message. The beauty in gifting abstract artwork is that it shows thoughtfulness while also allowing the recipient to find their own meaning within the artworks’ many layers. Here at Toni Thornton Art, we have various products perfect for gifting!

Why not browse our dedicated Toni Thornton Art x Lydia Millen product page, where we have three beautiful artworks to choose from? Notedly, our ‘XI‘ and ‘LXXIX’ limited edition artworks are packaged in stunning gold wrapping paper and encased within a beautiful crisp white gift box. Our time and energy are poured into the packaging and securing of these prints; the Gold Edit seems an obvious choice when gifting artwork. Plus, both ‘XI’ and ‘LXXIX’ can fit perfectly underneath your Christmas tree!

Additionally, our ‘Au’ limited edition abstract print is hand-embellished with a 23k gold dust acrylic mixture, symbolising eternity, infinity, and everlasting love. This would make the perfect gift for your loved one to unwrap on Christmas morning!



2) Artwork has been proven to uplift our mood and recreate our values in our homes

Not only does artwork function aesthetically, but the act of viewing artwork has proven to have various mental wellbeing benefits. The psychological effects our brains experience when viewing artwork can be extremely positive, encouraging us to feel inspired, therefore improving our moods.

Viewing abstract artwork can alleviate our symptoms of anxiety particularly when we are attempting to understand the artwork. The beauty of abstract art is that you can often spend minutes or even hours pondering on the artworks’ meaning. With this, artwork can stimulate our brains away from our anxieties, enlivening our senses.

Another wonderful benefit of gifting abstract artwork is that your thoughtfulness will not go unnoticed. Artwork can fill our brains with dopamine and endorphins. By gifting a loved one the right piece of artwork, you have the power to reduce the stress hormones within their bodies. Toni Thornton Art’s wide range of abstract limited edition prints and originals caters to everyone this Christmas.



3) Help your loved ones feel festive and cosy

Take a moment to reflect upon the colours, tones and existing textures within your loved one’s space. Imagine choosing artwork for their home; does your loved one’s home have lots of deep colours and textures? In which case a print like ‘Tempest’ or ‘Midnight Sky’ might work well. Or is your loved one’s home lighter and more spacious? In which case a more delicate print such as ‘Linen’ or ‘Neve‘ may work well.

In homes where your recipient may have a large wall space, why not invest in a piece such as ‘Forest Rain’, set to make a statement across their home?

Here at Toni Thornton Art, we also have a luxury cushion cover collection, all of which are adaptable, versatile, and most importantly, beautiful quality. Each art cushion is priced at £60.00 and would be the perfect addition to any interior space calling for a hint of cosiness this Christmas. Each cushion cover can be wrapped in a beautiful box, perfect for under-the-tree or as a stocking filler.

Artwork and homewares truly have the power to transform a space into a cosy haven, and we are here to help!



4) Your gift will be a reminder of you in their home

Gifting art is an incredibly thoughtful way to show your appreciation for someone you love this Christmas. In doing so, your gift will be a consistent reminder of you.

If the prospect of choosing artwork is too challenging, why not invest in one of our gift vouchers so your recipient can choose the artwork according to their tastes and values? Either way, your gift will be a constant reminder of your thoughtfulness in their home.

We take pride in our gift vouchers, delivering each one in a protective envelope suitable to be placed under your tree and gifted to your loved ones

We aim to minimise the hard work of the gifting process for you – if you need any guidance in choosing artwork or opting for the voucher option instead, we are here every step of the way. Simply email us at info@tonithorntonart.com with your queries and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.



5) We can send artwork directly to your recipient.

We provide a service that means gifting can be stress-free and easy. When ordering any products from our website as a gift, simply pop a note on your order or email us at info@tonithorntonart.com to let us know.

We can write out a gift message for your special recipient and also send the artwork directly to the recipient. Simply let us know your requirements and we can do the rest. Our aim is to make the gifting experience as efficient as possible for you.



6) Supports independent artists at Christmas time.

In choosing to gift artwork this Christmas, not only are you gifting a premium, luxury product to your loved ones, but you are also supporting an independent artist who values your custom. We are so appreciative of every single person who invests in Toni Thornton Art and we are proud to deliver a service that supports you every step of the way. The team at Toni Thornton Art will help you with any questions you may have.

Similarly, feel free to browse our dedicated blog page where we discuss the benefits of buying limited edition artwork from an independent artist.


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