Art for the Wall

Toni Thornton Art specialises in providing high quality bespoke artwork and canvas prints to suit the tastes and desires of our clientele. We help you choose the perfect artwork for the environment it’s intended for, taking into account such aspects as the ambience, aesthetic and personal tastes of the individual.

Bespoke Wall Art

This bespoke approach to providing customers with artwork makes each Toni Thornton piece a true original, which is representative of how much effort we put into making sure that the artwork you end up with is perfect for your needs.

The range of services on offer is extensive and sure to fit any occasion, from bespoke creations to modern canvas prints, Toni Thornton Art offers it all. This custom service provides quality artwork that can work in all rooms of the house as well as commercial and retail settings.

Toni Thornton Art is an excellent contribution to any room in the house. The bespoke nature of the art allows for a variety of different functions that relate to and accentuate the features of the environment which it inhabits. In social areas such as the living room art can convey a fun, upbeat atmosphere, perfect for letting people relax and interact.

Modern Wall Art

Modern art can also serve as a perfect conversation piece; it is the central column of the rooms spirit around which everything else revolves and the point of interest to keep the conversation flowing when it might have otherwise stalled. Art has been proven to make people happier, and an energetic and fun piece of artwork strategically placed can take any social occasion to the next level.

This is not all that art can achieve, another effect that can be created through quality bespoke artwork is an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. This aesthetic is highly suitable for a bedroom environment, where the intent is to create a space where the weight is taken off people’s shoulders and they are allowed to relax. The power of art to impact on the emotional state of the viewer cannot be overstated, the emotions conjured by art are very real and have a dramatic impact.

Art For Your Home

Art for the home can also serve the vital function of tying together the design of a room, a blank wall is a canvas waiting for direction and that direction can be provided by quality bespoke artwork or canvas print. A unifying theme in a room supported by bespoke artwork creates a breath-taking effect, engineering a space that is fully customisable to your wants and needs. If you desire a work study full of energy and creativity you can find a piece that evokes these emotions, likewise, if you have space you wish to devote to calm and contemplation we offer a range of canvas prints and bespoke services to create the ideal piece. Toni Thornton is happy to offer professional advice to help you create the space you could previously only dream of.

Wall Art For Commercial Settings

The usefulness of Toni Thornton Art is in no way limited to the home environment, it is profoundly useful when it comes to business and professional areas as well. In an environment with a heavy customer presence such as a retail setting, art can be the difference between failure and success. In an increasingly competitive world where every edge counts, standing out from the pack with bespoke artwork is a solid business strategy. Not only does bespoke artwork offer the chance to create a unique aesthetic that will greatly enhance your firms’ brand, it creates the potential to craft a unique shopping experience for the customer. If they are surrounded by interesting and engaging art, they will be forced out of the daze that shopping lures them into and begin to consciously peruse. This creation of a unique, memorable and favourable shopping experience is what allows a business to rise in reputation above the competition and ensure success.

This impact is not limited to businesses with a strong physical customer presence, as the benefits of Toni Thornton art in the workplace can be utilised in a more passive manner. Strategically placed canvas prints can brighten up a workplace, breaking up the monotonous daily flows that lure workers into boredom and complacency, providing a short sharp shock to the senses that improve the mood.

Happier workers are demonstrably proven to work harder, making art a surprisingly effective tool for improving the productivity of the workplace. Additionally, art in the workplace has been shown to increase creativity, which is highly useful for any creative industry that is reliant on the generation of new content to survive. It is even useful to more traditional straightforward businesses, as a burst of inspiration can benefit any field.

Contact Us For Bespoke Wall Art

Toni Thornton possesses the ability to analyse the conditions in which the art is to be produced accounting for your personal taste and what would work best in the environment, to produce work that seamlessly blends with its surroundings, whilst elevating those surroundings to a higher level. If you need any help or advice when it comes to choosing the art you want, please contact Toni Thornton today on 01977 809048 to get assistance discussing plans and ideas, or a quote for bespoke artwork.

We also offer an extensive range of limited edition Giclee canvas prints as part of Toni Thornton’s Abstract Collection which can be viewed here.


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