Extra-Large Wall Art for Your Beautiful Interior Space

Nothing quite makes a statement like extra-large wall art.

While all artwork is a simple and effective solution to add interest and depth to your space, large artwork can instantly transform an empty wall space, complementing your existing interior design. Displaying extra-large artwork is a quick and practical decorating solution when looking to enhance your current aesthetic.

Artwork is a staple part of any interior space, adding interest, texture, tone and depth to any blank wall space. The power of large artwork is immeasurable, boosting our mood and relieving feelings of stress just by looking at an abstract painting or print. The uplifting qualities of artwork, alongside the aesthetic and decorative purposes, can make artwork extremely appealing to an interior space.

Whether you’re looking for an oversized print, a large original piece, or even a direct to wall mural painting, our specialist and knowledgeable team can help you find the perfect solution. 


Extra-Large Printed Wall Art

Printed artwork in a range of sizes,including extra large on display next to each other.


We offer numerous solutions when looking to buy large wall art. Once available only within ‘The Style Edit’, our new and large 28×40” limited edition print size is now available on each of our printed designs across our website. This size has been proven to make just the right statement within many homes across the world, perhaps it could even be yours!


Extra-Large Printed Art Collection

If you’re looking for an extra-large canvas, look no further! Our large print collection offers just the right solution to occupy your empty wall space.

Forest rain

Large black, white and cream artwork on display above blue sofa


First up, we have our ‘Forest rain’ design, which is available in our 42×42” size and in our stunning 55mm depth tray frames in a range of colours.

This piece is set to make an impact in your home. This highly textured design builds strokes of white, sand, taupe and charcoal black, to create the feeling of movement and excitement. The piece has countless intricate layers, adding drama and interest to any space, causing the viewer to get lost in the piece.

It goes without saying that this is a striking, feature piece. The piece is perfect for both entrance hallways and wide open spaces and also more cosy interiors too.

Shop ‘Forest rain’ today!



Extra large wall art in white, cream and beige colours on display above grey sofa.


Another artwork, exclusive to our large print collection, is the beautiful ‘Cotton’ design. This truly breath-taking artwork is available in our 38×50” size,. The artwork is available in our stunning 55mm depth tray frames in a range of colours.

The piece combines tones of snow white, taupe, sand and fawn, each brushstroke layered to create a highly textured base. The piece works beautifully in numerous orientations. The artwork would be suited to a space which layers subtle colour and texture within the design.

Invest in ‘Cotton’ on our website here. 


Bespoke Sizing for Extra-Large Printed Wall Art

Monochrome extra large wall art on display above blue armchair in between windows.


Sourcing large wall art can be quite the task. There are hundreds of options to navigate through and choose from online.

Our first recommendation would be to check out our selection of limited edition prints online.

Perhaps you are interest in a piece from one of our online collections, but the size you require does not appear to be available?

Here at Toni Thornton Art, our aim is to alleviate the stress of sourcing large artwork. Simply send your required dimensions over to our team, and we will work closely with our printing and framing teams to find the best and most suitable option for you. Then, we will provide a quote and framing options for you to browse and approve at your convenience.

Our bespoke service aims to provide a fresh edge to big canvas art. Our aim is to take away the stress of sourcing the perfect artwork for your home or interior space.


Extra-Large Original Paintings

Large abstract original painting in metallic champagne gold frame, on display and lit up by a brass finish art light.


Our commission service provides everything you need when sourcing large original artwork for your interior space. Whether you would like an oversized piece of artwork to mirror your serene atmosphere, or as a statement piece for a feature wall, our bespoke service offers a solution for all your needs.

We aim to take care of all your needs when commissioning artwork. It is important that we establish your size requirements, design elements within the painting and framing desires too.

Why not check out our dedicated blog on why original artwork is an amazing investment?


Direct to Surface Murals

Toni Thornton painting onto perspex sheet, face visible through the painting's layers.


By definition, mural art is art that is applied directly onto a wall, or any other permanent surface. This type of artwork is non-transferrable, and once applied, cannot be moved, or transported elsewhere.

While mural art can be more expensive than framed or canvas art, it is a spectacular option for spaces looking for huge art. Each mural project might involve additional costs, such as: the use of additional suppliers, the time and transportation to and from the mural’s location, alongside the artist’s labour time, increasing costs accordingly.

Enquire about wall murals today.

Extra large abstract art is super easy to source and invest in with Toni Thornton Art. Let us help you find the perfect design for your large wall space today!

Shop Large Scale Wall Prints with Toni Thornton Art

Please note: UK Delivery is free of charge. Due to the size of our larger artworks pieces, these artworks are currently only available within the UK. Delivery takes approximately 3-4 weeks from payment to delivery.

If you are outside of the UK and you would like to speak with us about placing an order, please contact us on info@tonithorntonart.com and we will always do our best to help.


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