Prints for Walls by Toni Thornton Art

Toni Thornton Art is proud to offer an extensive range of limited edition fine art canvas prints for walls. Each print is produced on 400gsm canvas using a 12 colour Giclee fine art printing process to ensure they are finished to the highest standard and quality. They are then hand finished by one of the UK’s most experienced canvas framing teams to each client’s exact specification.

We offer a unique variety of floral, abstract and unique collaborative prints for walls perfect for both commercial and residential interiors.

Floral Prints

Toni Thornton Art offers a unique collection of floral prints that depict an array of abstract floral structures. Each design is entirely unique in its concept and palette, creating ideal works of art for those seeking artwork that embodies beauty, intrigue and time itself.

Each print from the floral collection is delivered with a drawstring bag of dried rose petals and an affirmation card. The message on each card is entirely unique to the print, affirming the symbolism of the artwork. This collection is perfect as both a gift to loved ones and well as yourself; allowing the owner a moment of composure when viewing their piece and time to reaffirm their personalised message.

Abstract Prints

The Abstract limited edition Giclee print collection is one of our most popular collections. Available in a wide variety of sizes, framing options and prices, these unique abstract works of art have been hand selected by the artist to sell as limited edition prints.

There are a variety of modern abstract pieces available, ranging in inspiration, concept, tonal range and texture to create works of art that can be enjoyed timelessly. Toni Thornton Abstract art allows viewers the freedom to explore the work and assign their own unique and personal meaning to the piece. Each piece creates an intensely personal affair which undoubtedly enriches the viewers experience of the artwork.

Lydia Millen Collaboration Prints

The Gold Edit selection of art prints was born out of a collaboration between Toni Thornton Art and British Youtuber and Blogger, Lydia Elise Millen. This unique selection of prints for walls embodies both a love of abstract artwork and timeless pieces, perfect for any home.

The true inspiration for this collection came from the elegant and beautiful home of Millen with its boundless textures of stone, oak and brass combined with timeless gold accents. These aspects became the very foundation for the collection and are evident throughout each piece.

Love and luxury are woven into each print; taking direct inspiration from the families of the collaborators and 23 carat gold detailing, this is a collection defined by a distinct cosy opulence.

Original Artworks

Alongside the print range, a select collection of one of a kind original pieces are available for purchase within the Toni Thornton in-house gallery space. These original works are sold as seen and professionally framed as the artist intended, chosen specifically to work in conjunction with the unique marks and textures seen in each piece of art.

The inspiration behind each piece is entirely unique, resulting in an encapsulating array of detail and pure abstraction. Through a mixture of entwined tones and textures, Thornton truly creates one of a kind works of art that would add the perfect touch of drama and elegance to any space.

Bespoke Artwork

At its heart, Toni Thornton Art is a bespoke artwork service and is proud to offer unique artwork to suit interior design clients and individual customer’s homes. Commissioned artwork can be created bespoke for any space whether it is for your home, office or commercial space.

Toni Thornton is dedicated to working with each induvial client to create one of a kind pieces, tailored to your specific needs and desires. It can often be difficult to describe or visualise exactly what you are looking for in a piece but rest assured, Toni Thornton and the team will work with you to discuss options and make the process as enjoyable as possible.

Find the perfect print for you

Toni Thornton Art only ever produce 100 of the limited edition fine art canvas prints you can see on the website; the artist will then hand sign and number the print upon purchase.  If you would like to find out more about any of the prints for walls available, or if you would like to discuss a bespoke piece, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team via the contact page or contact the studio directly on 01977 809048


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