Toni Thornton Art’s favourite abstract artworks this season for your interior spaces.

Abstract artwork is an easy and efficient way to transform your interior space from a summery haven to a cosy and inviting environment in the transition to autumn this year. Whilst spicing up your blank wall spaces, you are also investing in beautiful, valuable artwork which can be collectable throughout your home. We are so grateful for every client who purchases a Toni Thornton Art piece: we truly believe that artwork is a perfect way to create a welcoming space, meanwhile mirroring your values and tastes.

Choosing Toni Thornton Art is an investment, and this blog is designed to guide you in choosing which artworks are our favourites! We have a passion for interior spaces and creating welcoming, snug environments this season. Each artwork comes with its appropriate hanging guide and fixtures to help you effectively transform your blank wall spaces.



SAGE VEIL: Autumn’s signature artwork

First up, we have our brand-new release as part of the Land and Sea collection, Sage Veil. This atmospheric abstract piece mirrors a wild and uncultivated landscape in the distance, the intensity and sharpness of each mark beautifully translating onto print. Shades of off-white, sage, creamy beige, and deep black blend flawlessly, working together to create an autumnal effect. The ethereal landscape within this print is punctuated by the clarity of the deeper marks, symbolising the ferocious nature of the environment.

This inspiring piece is designed to help you bring the outside, inside, and is suited particularly to rustic spaces where there may be other plant life or greenery to complement the piece. The artwork is truly a statement piece and would work incredibly well in the transition to autumn by mirroring a wintry outdoor landscape.



TIMELESS: A token of summers passed

Our Timeless print, which is available on the Floral section of our website, is a beautifully designed piece, incorporating various tones and colours appropriate for the changing seasons. Reminiscent of summers passed, Timeless’ traditional colour palette of neutral beige’s, deep black and off-white combined with the delicate floral detail signals the transition from bloom to fall.

True to its name, the floral detail, which elegantly ascends upon the canvas, mixed with the neutral colour palette creates an overall timeless effect. The versatility of Timeless means the piece can work well all year round by transcending the ever-changing seasons through its beautiful tones and design.



FOREST RAIN: A walk through the wilderness

Our large square piece, Forest Rain, is perfect for an ever-evolving space, particularly when transitioning from the last of summer nights to the fresh spirit of autumn. The light summery tones of off-white combined with the earthy textures of velvety sand and charcoal black make this a transitional piece set to make a statement within any environment. Enticing various sensations, the viewer may imagine the forest floor beneath their feet as they stroll amongst the beautiful scenery.

When gazing upon the artwork, the viewer may also experience the earthy smell of autumn mixed with the faint but inevitably approaching icy bitterness of winter. With each swift brushstroke, the piece becomes more and more alive, dancing across the canvas. The piece looks particularly beautiful in one of our earthy brown frames, setting the tone for a beautiful transitional piece to take you from summer to autumn.



MIDNIGHT SKY: Twilight skies and twinkling stars

As part of the recent Toni Thornton Art x Style Sisters: The Style Edit, Midnight Sky is a beautiful abstract print that flawlessly sets the autumnal scene. As its name suggests, the abstract print uses beautiful tones of blue which acknowledge the vivacity of summer but also replicate the blue of the midnight sky as the wintry chill approaches.

The piece combines stunning shades of midnight blue with dreamy tones of grey, taupe and charcoal which layer together to reproduce a peaceful midnight sky where the stars peek through the few clusters of clouds. As the frosty mornings are fast approaching, the artwork would work perfectly within a space where the light can drip in, shining amongst the many layers of the print. Incorporate Midnight sky into your space, perhaps amongst a crackling fire, the smell of hearty food and the feeling of fuzzy socks between your toes to evoke a warm sense of cosiness.



ENCHANT: Winter’s promise

As the name suggests, this dreamy and intensely layered piece is truly enchanting to view. While the sandy, taupe tones within the artwork are reminiscent of an autumnal colour palette, the snow-white shades resemble a frosty, winters morning. It is so easy to get lost within the layers which weave throughout the canvas and move to the black outer edge.

The character of the piece is energetic, complementing any blank wall space perfectly in this transitional period. Enchant harbours deep tones and textures, making this a truly stunning piece suited to many living spaces. As pictured, the artwork is particularly fitting for monochromatic spaces which may benefit from a subtle injection of warm beige. The deep tones of the artwork could also work well in environments with a more autumnal colour palette.



LXXIX: A little piece of escapism

As part of the Toni Thornton Art x Lydia Millen: The Gold Edit collaboration, LXXIX is a truly stunning pairing of prints perfectly suitable for the transition into autumn and winter. The prints combine a classic monochrome palette, with soft stone textures and is encased within a timeless brass effect frame.

Within each design, the viewer can gaze upon the soft marks which deepen and intensify across each piece. The many layers within the pieces are beautifully romantic, perfectly capturing an autumnal cosy afternoon. Snuggle up on the sofa amongst many cosy blankets and a cup of hot chocolate and admire the serenity within the artwork; it certainly expresses the warmth of the autumnal season.


Preparing your interior spaces for the changing seasons

There are so many easy ways to prepare your interior spaces for the transition to autumn/winter. We hope that after reading this blog post you feel inspired to transform your blank wall spaces within your homes. In doing so, your home will become the perfect cosy haven, ready for wintry nights and frosty mornings.

If you did enjoy this post, how about looking at the blog post for our two new abstract artwork releases this month here.  Please feel free to tag us in your photos of your limited-edition artworks in situ on Instagram @t_thornton_art, we love to see Toni Thornton Art in your interior spaces!


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